Sonja Morgan and Jennifer Gilbert to Recur on The Real Housewives of New York City

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Bravo has confirmed the addition of two more rich, obnoxious, talentless women on The Real Housewives of New York City.

On the upcoming new season of the reality hit, Sonja Morgan and Jennifer Gilbert will make frequent appearances. Each is currently listed as a "recurring" character, as opposed to a series regular.

Morgan, who was rumored to take over for Bethenny Frankel, is described by the network as: "A fixture of New York City society, running in social circles that include European royalty and top-notch designers... worked for multiple restaurants across the city as a consultant and manager and often brought in her famous friends to spice up these locales. 

A single mother of a nine-year-old daughter, Morgan loves art, decorating, gardening, skiing and visiting France every chance she gets – be it for her charity work or just for pleasure."

She sounds awesome. We guess.

Sonja Morgan and Jennifer Gilbert

As for Gilbert, she's a "busy career woman" who owns a corporate and social event planning company called Save the Date. Yet, she's not too busy to star on a reality show, apparently.

At 29, Gilbert was named Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young. She has three children.

Filming on the new season is underway. It will premiere in early 2010.

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I think Sonja is a great addition to the show. She is refreshing in many ways. She is constantly trying to keep situations from going badly; she speaks up for the person who ends up as the underdog. She is full of zest for life. In last week's episode, she tried very hard to save Kelli from herself by stroking her back and neck while she was flipping out. And then she hired an opera singer to perform at the auction held at her house. The look on her face while the singer performed was priceless.


I can't believe Gilbert is 29 - she looks like she is in her 40's


Sonja Morgan was a model????? are you kidding me...she is no ticket to Tokyo


Holy Fcukballs.. Bethenny's preggers?! Luvs it!!!


If this is a show about NYC Housewives who travel in exciting circles, are smart career women and business owners and mothers and/or wives, why are there no minority women depicted? Big mistake Bravo. NYC is a vastly multicultural city. Shouldn't your show depict women from other ethnicities and cultural backgrounds?


Jennifer Gilbert is a disgusting human being. She used to date one of my friends in NY, and when they broke up her girlfriend set her up with another man. She was so infuriated with the choice that her friend made re: her date that she exclaimed "doesn’t' she understand that my ex boyfriend is worth billions! How dare she set me up with someone like this!" I am so grossed out that this woman even exists let alone brought children into the world. She is as unattractive on the inside as she is on the outside. THANKS IM DONE :)


i like the real housewives franchise, but i dont understand bravo's obsession with changing the cast every season. in their minds, every show should be like the real housewives of orage county, where you have so many cast members going broke or getting arrested that they have to change the cast three times in one season. personally, i find that confusing and annoying. the nyc cast from season 1 was the best of any of the RH casts. adding kelly was unnecessary. and now they are going to add two more?? right now oc, atlanta, and new jersey all have 5 housewives, and nyc is going to have 8? where are they going to hold the reunions, yankee stadium?


I love the house wives of New York. I hope the new ladies are as exciting as the old ones. I also love the Atlanta housewives also. I live for BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


how can these so called 'busy woman' be on a reality show if they were so busy


i dont understand ANYONE who watches this show?!!? are u crazzzzy? hehe