Shayne Lamas or Daisy de la Hoya: Who Would You Rather ...

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We were watching Leave it to Lamas the other night (there was nothing else on ... um, yeah, that's the reason) and we couldn't help but remember the ol' days.

The ol' days when there was no Shauna Sand sex tape and Shyane Lamas was just that ditz from The Bachelor who Matt Grant was engaged to for like a day.

Then we got to thinking that Shayne reminds us a bit of another spoiled and skanky relative of a famous guy, Daisy De La Hoya (niece of boxing champ Oscar).

It's a battle of useless, bleach-blonde reality TV fame whores. One that will likely go down to the wire. Simple question for you: Who would you rather ...

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Who would you rather ...


Brian. Listen to last comment. Lose the trash and get some hot chic with class!


Gross, neither. Brain dead blondes are not what I consider attractive


Sabrina I soooo agree with you!! I just cant understand how the American public can actually support skanky shayne! Shocking!She has no integrity and she really aint all that she makes herself out to be!


these women have no self dignity or they wouldn't be doing porn to begin with
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