Per her super-cool MySpace page, this voluptuous babe's full name is Daisy De La Hoya, and she is the niece of boxer Oscar De La Hoya....

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Former child star Corey Haim, who passed away yesterday morning, had eight film projects in the works and was dating a new love interest before he died.

That being Daisy de la Hoya of VH1's Daisy of Love fame.

While it's all relative, things appeared to be looking up for Haim, who famously battled substance abuse for years. He collapsed at home early Wednesday.

His recent love took to (what else) Twitter to express her public devastation: "I'm sooooooo devastated right now," Daisy de la Hoya Tweeted this morning.

"This is the worst day ever I can't believe this."

Daisy de la Hoya and Corey Haim were a thing.

"Daisy loved The Lost Boys, and she always had a crush on Corey," a source close to de la Hoya says. "Their first official date was two weeks ago, but they'd been hanging out a little while before that. Corey invited her to the Playboy Mansion."

"Corey Feldman came, too."

Daisy de la Hoya apparently wanted to help Haim with his struggles. "Daisy knew Corey was doing a lot of drugs, especially prescription meds," the source says. "She thought he was kind and talented, and she wanted to rescue him."

"She became his confidant over the last few weeks. He opened up to her a lot. They were having a lot of fun getting to know each other and seeing what would happen. Corey told Daisy she is a beautiful person with a beautiful heart."

We hope Corey has finally found some inner peace and wish Daisy, along with all the actor's family and friends, nothing but the best in this tragic time.

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We were watching Leave it to Lamas the other night (there was nothing else on ... um, yeah, that's the reason) and we couldn't help but remember the ol' days.

The ol' days when there was no Shauna Sand sex tape and Shyane Lamas was just that ditz from The Bachelor who Matt Grant was engaged to for like a day.

Then we got to thinking that Shayne reminds us a bit of another spoiled and skanky relative of a famous guy, Daisy De La Hoya (niece of boxing champ Oscar).

It's a battle of useless, bleach-blonde reality TV fame whores. One that will likely go down to the wire. Simple question for you: Who would you rather ...

  • Shayne Lamas Cleavage
  • Daisy D. Picture

Who would you rather ...


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Nothing surprises us when you're talking about Daisy de la Hoya. But a 911 call asking for an exorcism specialist? We'd have to say that's a first.

The dude who made the 911 call on May 7 on behalf of the Rock of Love 2 and Daisy of Love "star" said Daisy had completely lost her mind.

Daisy de la Hoya Nude

Here's a portion of the hilarious telephone call that sums it up well:

Dude: "As weird as it sounds, it feels like an exorcism. She's like-"
Daisy de la Hoya: [in background] "F*%k, f*%k, f*%k!"
Dude: "... throwing up."
Dispatcher: "Is she mentally ill?"
Dude: "Uhh..."
Daisy de la Hoya: [indecipherable babbling]

The unidentified fella was then transferred to the local fire department, which listed the call as "possible overdose," which Daisy de la Hoya later denied.

A rep for the "star" stated after the fact that Daisy was simply exhausted, and that her bizarre behavior that night was in no way caused by drug abuse.

Straight out of the Amy Winehouse PR playbook.

Follow the link to hear the full 911 call!

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Daisy De La Hoya and Megan Hauserman are featured in the 2010 Guitar World Buyer’s Guide.

This means that, at some point, the publishers of the world's best-selling product guide for guitarists and bassists thought to themselves:

Daisy de la Hoya Nude

Who should we get to hawk various pieces of musical gear? Of course: Daisy De La Hoya and Megan Hauserman!

It's hard to understand why the magazine chose to display this pair of reality TV stars in its latest issue, which goes on sale July 14. We've never seen either one playing an instrument.

Except for the skin flute, that is.

We recomend bathing soon afterwards, but click on the photos above for enlarged images of Daisy De La Hoya and Megan Hauserman.

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Daisy De La Hoya is tired. Really, really tired.

After all, it's not easy entertaining a slew of bachelors with names such as 12 Pack and Big Rig, as this reality TV star is forced to do every week in the VH1 series Daisy of Love.

Daisy de la Hoya Nude

For this reason - and certainly not because she's the type of woman that would use drugs -  De La Hoya was rushed to the hospital yesterday. Her rep just says Daisy needed a bit of rest and relaxation. And who can afford to go to a spa in this economy?!?

"Daisy was taken to the ER early this morning suffering from delirium as a result of exhaustion," Cassandra Grill told E! News. "There was no overdose. She is fine this evening and resting comfortably."

Of course she is. And if you believe mere lack of sleep was the reason for De La Hoya's amubulance ride, you must be really excited for the upcoming, totally unscripted new season of The Hills!

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We often make fun of reality TV stars, such as Daisy De La Hoya, that will clearly do anything for fame and money.

But we certainly never wish any harm on these individuals.

Daisy de la Hoya Nude

Therefore, we hope Daisy is okay, following a TMZ report that she was rushed to a hospital this morning due to a suspected drug overdose.

Reportedly, an insider close to the situation says friends called 911 after they heard De La Hoya make strange noises in her pal's Hollywood residence. Soon, firefighters and an ambulance arrived and sources say Daisy was acting "crazy,"  yelling, screaming and thrashing around.

It took numerous personnel to get Daisy into the emergency vehicle. She's currently undergoing treatment at an L.A. hospital.

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As loyal reality TV fans, we had some love for Ray J.

And we gladly jumped on board the Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels.

Daisy D. Picture

But few shows in this genre have had us as excited as Daisy of Love, VH1's latest foray into the world of scripted dating competitions.

Starring persistent skank Daisy De La Hoya, the series is like The Bachelorette, only with more cleaveage and even fewer morals.

As the following promotional photos prove, Jillian Harris has a long way to go to match Daisy's flare for flaunting herself...

Warning: Clicking on the pictures above will bring one even closer to Daisy De La Hoya. We urge readers to shower afterwards.

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We're one month away from the premiere of Daisy of Love, the Daisy de la Hoya reality show that is likely to make For the Love of Ray J seem mature and tame.

In the latest promo for the series, the niece of boxer Oscar de la Hoya, and former Bret Michaels suitor, has one simple question for fans: Wanna pluck?

We've actually asked readers this same question. Chime in now and let us know if you'd tang Daisy.

If you can't make up your mind, click on the photos below to remember just who we're dealing with here...

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Say this for Corey Feldman, Susie Feldman and Daisy De La Hoya: they support worthy causes. The trio came out last night for the the VH1 Classic Rock Autism Bowl Off in Hollywood.

Say this, as well: what a scary picture!

Daisy de la Hoya Nude

Susie has posed for Playboy, Daisy will star in her own reality dating show next year and cool Corey is just being cool Corey...

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Daisy de la Hoya Nude Per her super-cool MySpace page, this voluptuous babe's full name is Daisy De La Hoya, and she is the niece of boxer Oscar De La Hoya.... More »
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