Selena Gomez to Start Own Clothing Line

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Selena Gomez is a busy woman.

She sings, she acts, she's an ambassador for UNICEF.

Now, she's also a fashion designer, as Gomez has announced her own clothing line, titled "Dream Out Loud." Said Selena:

"It’s really always been a dream of mine to have a line... With my line, I really want to give the customer options on how they can put their own looks together... I want the pieces that can be easy to dress up or down, and the fabrics being eco-friendly and organic are super important."

Below, a pair of models showcase an example of Selena's vision:

gomez fashion

Gomez isn't the only young star to come out with a clothing line. You can compare hers with that of Miley Cyrus right now. Which do you prefer?

Overall, Selena says she's "just looking to send a good message.” The line will officially launch in the fall of 2010.


Selena Gomeze is very cool but i dont think she is copping miley cyrus they both are very cool.
Do you know that miley cyrus as well dated Justen beber be for selena.Know selena gomez is they are cute together but they shoed be more ceful at the beach or anywhere because they can get cout.


Jeez us people i think no one should judge selenas style if you don't like it then don't fuckin buy it. you don't need to tell people that it looks like a hobo threw up!Will u guys show some heart at least???? I think selena gomaez can do what ever she wants and no ones seen the real line out yet so don't be quick to judge


OMG, not Selina. MILEY MILEY MILEY Selina is a bitch and she is dressing ugly


as much as i love selena i thinks she trying to b like miley tink bout it: she has a cd she is becoming a hit she has her own clothing line miley has been a big hit she has cds and her own clothing line


Its cute! the way they put it together in the picture isnt exactly my style but i definitely saw some things i would buy :)I just hope its not too pricey :P
Im not exactly A HUGE fan of miley but i have to admit her clothing line also has some really cute stuff. I cant really make a decision right now because it still hasnt launched yet. So far LOVE both of their styles
i also think that theres no need to compare all the fashion lines against eachother. my opinion.


To Lollipopiification,
Hey..... I am trying to be nice to you now. I only give 1 nickname to Selena Gomez as Seloser Gonut but I did not insult using vulgarity. Oh speaking of charity, Miley also done many charity, I bet more than her. Miley care so much about the World suffering of Hunger people, cancer kids and many more. She donated many stuff, she follow her dad to the hospital to donate gifts from her dad's fan when she was young, she even said that she will and she must continue to do the same thing that she had done with her dad. The mai point is everyone has a bad characteristics......


I mean Selena Gomez's line? What kind of stupid idea is this! Selena Gomez suckz and Miley's line is better, way way way way way......more better. Look at the Bio, she is the next Miley Cyrus? She isn't fit to be the next next next next......(go on the 'next' forever) Miley Cyrus!!!! C'mon Seloser Gonut, stop being nice and innocent, you are way way......( go on the 'way' forever) worse than what you are now. Let us see the true you insde you not only the 'good' outside.


i like what she wears but the clothes in that picture are terrible


oh no it looks at like trash bags seriously looks too much like hobos with those hats and things



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