Robsten: Alive, Well, Keeping Low Profile

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Phew. You can rest easy, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart fans.

Hard as it is to believe, a reliable source says a recent cover story touting this couple's break-up is completely untrue. Everything is fine between the New Moon stars, reports E! News.

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Why don't we hear that from the pair itself?

"[Kristen is] especially closed-mouth and sensitive," said an insider. "She was going through a breakup with Michael [Angarano], meanwhile all these reporters asking about every detail of her love life. She has no intention of ever doing that again."

It's hard to blame her for that, isn't it?

The source, clearly a fan of Pattinson and Stewart, asks a simple question:

"Everyone on set knows what's going on with Rob and Kristen, and everyone just lets it happen without bothering them with labels or questions - why can't the public do that, too?"

Instead, fans clamor for as much information as possible. For example, will the couple arrive together to the premiere?

"I think that Rob and Kristen will go separate," Justine Wachsberger (Gianna in New Moon) said. "They are pretty private people. Everything they have done in the past, they have tried to keep it separate, so I would say that won't change now."

Nor should it. Keep doing whatever makes you happy, Robsten. We'll try to distract fans from your relationship with New Moon spoilers and photos!


There's this dog that looks just like one of the wvleos? from The? Twilight New Moon. Just type in The Twilight Saga New Moon wolf look-a-like.


To be fair, Who really gives a toss who's dating who?
I don't give a damn who the woman 3 doors down from me is dating, and I don't give a flying...whatever who Kirsten Stewert or Robert Pattinson are dating. It's none of our business, and I'm just not interested. No one would want to read a cover story about my love life or anyone elses who are merely 'the little people' So I don't see what is so damn exciting about reading about celebrities. >.>


i dont blame them they have there lives to live and just because there 'famous' they cant so gay!


I don't know if they will arrive together, but they should walk the red carpet together, after all isn't that what they did for twilight,just because there dating doesn't mean they can't promot the movies together,they had more PDA in public before they starting dating then they do now .

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