Obscene Message in Arnold Schwarzenegger Letter?

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California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger sure has a way with words.

Whether he's calling political opponents "girlie men" or nonchalantly musing on life while puffing on a stogie in the jacuzzi during the state's current fiscal catastrophe, Governator Ahhnold certainly has no shortage of critics in politics.

Ones he may have just given a cryptic slap in the legislative face.

His rep calls it a coincidence, but a recent letter Schwarzenegger sent Democratic Assemblyman Tom Ammiano announcing his rejection of Assembly Bill 1176 may contain a not-so-well-hidden, obscene message.

Some believe this was the Guv's classy reaction to this particular lawmaker heckling him, Joe Wilson style, at a recent event in San Francisco.

Just read down the left-hand margin for the message ...


Coincidence? Careful word choice and alignment? You be the judge!

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the Top Guy!!!!


the traffic lackey AM1080 KSCO Santa Cruz, Ca. November 6, 2009 Funny letter, I laughed out loud.
Unless you have no sense of humor you can’t help but laugh.
Conservatives and Liberals have to agree this letter was clever.
Keep it up Arnold!
You people who were offended are just being too sensitive.
Oversensitivity is not the way to go through life.
Unless you are a girley man you can’t help but agree with me.
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AWESOME!!!!! Now thats what i want to see some fighting back! GO GOVENATOR GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don't think our governor is smart enough to have done this intentionally.


It's a hard call !heeehee but I'd say "clever" kudos to writer.


haha i get it!


Good for Arnie!!! Hey he is trying his best to do the right thing, how many other politicians can say that? Most of them have their hand out for pay off's and to get as much money in their pocket not the public's pocket!!!


He kicks ass, man! :D


If you can go further and say the last two lines first letters are short for 'S'tate 'A'ssembly. All in all, this should be his template.


My governor can beat up your governor.
This is why people voted for this guy.