Marge Simpson Playboy Pictures: Funny or Freaky?

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Reading through a handful of The Simpsons quotes? Hilarious.

Ogling one of those cartoon characters in the buff? Creepy and unexpected.

But try telling that to Hugh Hefner. The blue-haired matriarch of everyone's favorite fake family graces the cover of next month's Playboy, as Marge Simpson does her best Tila Tequila impression.

As a housewife and mother of three, we fear that Marge's pictorial - which includes a three-page spread and interview - sets a bad example. What will Maggie think when she gets old enough to use Google? How will Bart's classmates react to these images?

It's really all the fault of Kate Gosselin. Clearly jealous of the attention that famous mom has received, Marge set out to reclaim the spotlight. Mission (grossly) accomplished...

Marge Simpson Nude

Marge Simpson in Playboy: Cool or creepy?

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It's all in fun, and Simpsons have been nore lame than not since season 11 or so, doesn't really matter what they do now. There are so many people that will watch the show no matter how bad it gets that I honestly think they can go indefinitely, until the main voice cast members start dying or Groening comes to grips with how bad it is and pulls the plug, if he has control over it anymore. But with the money he must be making, I doubt he will stop, I wouldn't


la quiro ver vin desnuda que se le vea la cuca


Lol post this on Porno Oxxx


freaky now i wont watch the simpsons anymore


Ya, I'm sure this was a sell out for sure... NOT. but humourous though


This is a sad and inappropriate attempt at publicity. Pathetic really.


Love to see her gaping anus! Little blue curlies around the poo hole! Awesome.


I think Marge Simpson photo is funny and cute. I have always been a fan of the Simpsons. But I often wondered what she look like nude. lmfao.


For some reason, I have a feeling that this cover would make Homer see red, BUT! Make Bart the PROUDEST kid in school. Running bets on how long it'll be before he unveils a copy at school's Show&Tell? Haha! Nice to see Playboy having a sense of humour.


HAHAHAH it's funny!