Marge Simpson Playboy Photos: Revealed!

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Whether they somehow ran out of loose, bleach-blonde chicks with fake breasts, Hugh Hefner is really losing it or they just decided to mix things up for some more PR, the Marge Simpson Playboy pictures are causing quite a stir.

Posing seductively with donuts and revealing side boob like Lindsay Lohan during a night of clubbing, Marge isn't holding back. What on earth would Homer say?!

Probably something along the lines of "d'oh-yeah, baby!" Sorry.

We posted the cover a week ago, then brought you excerpts from Marge's "interview" with the men's magazine. Now a few more pics from her nude spread are out.

Creepy or classic? Click to enlarge, then vote in our survey ...

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The Marge Simpson Playboy pics are ...


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Why did they choose Marge? Haven't they heard of Leela or Amy?


so sexy i could masterbate all day


Marge is a sex machine


I think it's hot it is on it's way to being cartoon porn I can dig I'd just prefer to see a picture of marge with a hand around bart's cock and a animated skit of marge finding bart wanking and sucks him off instead some good old incest in a nuclar family


soy puto!! me como a todos los machos!!


People need to grow up, nasty ? Come on that Shit is funny I.agree with the other comment its really good advertising lol


My dig get up, when i saw this marges hot pictures


that is nasty marge but i love your shows i watch them every day


Dude that is weird thinking what HE was thinking when he drew that! Really?! All these years?? Still...... wonder how much hair she has on the vajayjay. lol


weird...that I actually clicked on the images to enlarge