Lindsay Lohan: Sunday Times Sexy, Mostly Clothed

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Earlier, we told you about how Lindsay Lohan sat down with the Sunday Times and lamented how she is a target and walks around with a bulls-eye on her back.

Well, these things are wont to happen when one forgets to put on pants.

Or in the case of her Sunday Times photo shoot, a top. Hey, at least she remembered to get herself half-dressed. Take what you can get, right? Baby steps.

Here's Lindsay, braless, in the aptly titled "Car Crash Couture" piece ...

A glimpse inside the life of Lindsay Lohan. It's like a little shop of horrors.

We have to say, for a walking train wreck who just got dumped by her label and is taking on fashion gigs for free, she actually looks pretty decent here.

Well, relatively speaking. And photo editing software can work wonders. But still, at the end of the day, the result is pretty positive with the bar set so low.

If you're looking for Lindsay Lohan nude, you're going to have to look elsewhere. Like club Avenue in NYC 2-3 nights a week. Just give it time. Patience.

Here are some more shots from the Sunday Times ...

Isn't "getting dressed with Lindsay Lohan" a contradiction in terms?

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This is just trashy, she is so nasty. Who would honeslty buy this


You'd think she'd cover up, do less scandalous jobs with all the bad press out there about her


why does she always look like she needs to wash her face?


the song super tramp keeps playing in my head as a read this. lol