Lindsay Lohan Dropped By Record Label

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Lindsay Lohan's life is going from bad to worse.

According to Fox News and the New York Post, the former singer Lohan been dropped by Casablanca Records, for which she used to create terrible music.

That's not even the only bad career news surrounding LL today. It was also revealed that her high-profile (and panned) fashion gig at Ungaro is a freebie.

Yes, Lindsay even paid for her own hotel and flight to Paris for her recent appearance for Ungaro's Paris Fashion Week show, and did a pretty bad job too.

She did come away with a ton of free Ungaro clothes, which provided her plenty of nice things to wear to future DUI hearings at least. Silver lining, right?

  • Walking Wreck
  • Hobo Style

Apparently to afford regular clothes, or a mirror, Lindsay Lohan channels her inner homeless person out on the town. [Photos:]

What's an alleged actress to do when her main job is a glorified internship?

Are you thinking what we're thinking? Two things spring to mind:

  1. Reality show.
  2. Sex tape.

It could be happening. Well, at least option #1. According to reports, Lindsay Lohan was being followed by a camera crew in Paris at the Vogue party and later when she hit up a ton of clubs around the famed European City.

Then again, it could've just been for an episode of True Hollywood Fail.

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Ha Ha she sucked as a singer anyway


I'm watching Mean Girls right now.. and I can't believe that is the same person. It's really sad. I hope she can make a comeback like Britney.


I didn't even know that she sang
real-wishes dot com where wishes become reality


she sung to begin with..?


Unsuccessful people will always be jealous of entertainers like Lindsay.
They never seem to have any proof for what they say about her.


Doesn't anyone feel bad for her, I do its like Britney all over again and the press still won't leave her alone. Like her or not shes messed up and people should back off alittle