Kelly Ripa: Returning to All My Children

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Don't worry, morning talk show fans: Kelly Ripa won't be leaving Live with Regis and Kelly any time soon.

But the thin beauty and husband Marc Consuelos will make a pair of guest-starring performances on the drama on which they met, All My Children, to help celebrate its 40th anniversary.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos

Best known now for yapping with Regis Philbin each day, Ripa rose to fame as Hayley Vaughan on the soap opera, starring for over a decade until 2002; Consuelos played Mateo Santos for seven years.

The couple will appear on January 4 and 5, marking the first time back in Pine Valley for either one since they each left in 2002.

Ripa said her talk show will air behind-the-scenes footage of her return to All My Children next month. Regis ought to have many wisecracks to offer about that.


Kelly blocked me from following "Regis and Kelly " on twitter.. I did comment from time to time and say what was on my mind but nothing mean spirited but I am going to create a website on this subject and she will get the full Streisand effect !!! She can't take just one negative comment ? Now she will get a website devoted to her where people will discuss how much they dislike her !! She is really not worth the time it will take but I am curious to see what others think of her no talentness !!!


I can't wait to see them both on AMC again
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