Kanye West and Lady GaGa Tour: Canceled!

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It's unclear if Kanye West truly felt bad about his interruption of Taylor Swift at last month's Video Music Awards - but he likely will now.

The rapper's much-publicized tour with Lady GaGa has been canceled, as reports indicate ticket sales were lagging. One can only surmise this was due to VMA backlash directed at West.

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Lady Gaga thinks Kanye West is a "good guy," just not someone she wants to tour with. [Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

Sources also claim Kanye and GaGa's representatives got along with each other worse than Jon and Kate Gosselin, while other insiders say the female singer was the one to pull the plug on the planned concerts.

She'll likely set up dates in smaller venues now, free from the Kanye drama.

Fans that had bought tickets to the joint performances can get a refund.

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it's okay gaga will go on a tour by herself which is better


too bad i am sure it would of been good


Karma is a biotch.


I think that it is funny as crap that he is coming down.. He just needs to take a break and get his life in order then try it again cause he has a lot of built up anger and still has delt with his mother's death.


people prob didnt wanna buy tickets or go because os kanye west bad bahvier.


i like lady gaga but i wouldnt think people would be going to see KW.


Not a big surprise there. I would not go see either one. Not because of the VMA's. I don't like their music.


Maybe the financial backers of the tour just finally realized that nobody gives a rat's ass about "Lady" Gagger!


This is pretty crazy!
In the meantime, check out Chandler Hurd's EP "Little Bird" on iTunes! I just got it and think its really solid!

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