Justin Timberlake is Single, Star's Grandmother Says

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Has Justin Timberlake dumped Jessica Biel?

Is he dating Rihanna?

According to JT's grandmother, the answer to both questions are the same: sort of!

Indeed, Sadie Bomar actually spoke to Great Britain's Closer magazine and says her grandson has always been single, as far as his relatives are concerned:

"Jessica was keen to marry, but Justin isn't ready. He's busy writing new material and he works hard to be successful... As far as we're concerned, he's always been single. The girlfriends come and go, but we believe nothing has ever been serious. Justin does his own thing and he isn't ready to marry just yet."

Nor is he even ready to commit to either beauty, apparently. More power to you, JT!

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Justin Timberlake is clearly undecided. Help him out: Jessica Biel or Rihanna?

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I am not buying that Justin and Britney weren't serious, they lived together and dated for years. His whole family loved them together! I want him and Britney back together. I do want to point out that Britney may of cheated on Justin, but it wasn't very long after they broke up that he was with Cameron and then he supposedly cheated on Cameron with Jessica, so he's not blameless either. I do not think Jessica is right for him, but Rhianna is a even worse choice.


I'm sorry but I find it funny that his grandma is saying that he's never been that serious about a girl and he made songs talking about how he was ready to marry Brit Brit...I also find it weird that Jes and Justin never look happy when they are together, yet when he was with Britt they were ALWAYS smiling and having a blast and you could tell...If he marrys Jess it will be a mistake. He needs to suck it up and take Britt back and then they can help eachother, he can help her get back in great shape and she can help him be happy again...


well..none of them...i don't think he needs them...
but...if he really needs someone... i should date him...:D:)):X


i think that he should be with britney and i'm happy if he really dumped jessica she's awful who the hell she thinks she is? she's ugly and bad i don't like him but maybe with britney he is a man !!! go brit take justin back!!!!!


jessica :) i love him hehe


him and rihanna would be so cute together


britney :)


Omg his loss I like Jessica.Rihanna is just to much for him.Jessica is more real and strong person.


If he's single can he come my way?


jessica biels hot she'll find someone else

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