Jessica Simpson Shows Off New Henna Tattoo

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Returning from her recent trip to India, where she was filming her upcoming reality show The Price of Beauty, Jessica Simpson showed off a Henna tattoo.

Nice to see she picked up some new ink while visiting that wonderful nation. Too bad she couldn't pick up any singing or acting talent while she was there.

"The intricate Mehndi designs are typically Indian, and made with a turmeric paste," her rep tells London's Daily Mail of Jessica Simpson's new tattoo.

"They're worn at wedding ceremonies and are supposed to bring good luck to eligible single women in India. It's a big style statement. These extremely intricate designs usually take hours to apply by hand using a brush. The artists are very skilled."

Unlike a certain "artist" we know. Sorry.

Click to enlarge the Jessica Simpson pictures below to see it ...

Jessica Simpson New Tattoo
Jessica Simpson Hand Tattoo

What do you think of Jessica Simpson's new tattoo?

While in India, Jessica also got a bindi dot on her forehead (above, left) as she hit up a Bollywood party at the capital's glitzy Vie Lounge earlier this week.

Simpson was a guest of Neha Dhupia, the Indian "beauty ambassador" on the singer's show. We don't know what that means, but it sounds really awesome.

Simpson's upcoming reality show, scheduled to air on VH1, documents what beauty means in different cultures. It also documents her being a moron a lot.


Honestly who really cares?


Why do people hate Jessica so much!!!? Fo reals!!!? She ain't done nothin' to nobody!!!!!! I GET SO GODDAMN SICK AND TIRED OF FUCKIN' BULLSHIT LIKE THIS EASILY!!!!! I mean it!!! Knock off the hating, it's gettin' old!!!! Move on to somethin' new!!!!!! CUZ IF Y'ALL DON'T... I'M GONNA START KICKIN' SOMEPEOPLE'S ASSES!!!!! I mean I particularly don't prefere tha tattoo but I think she's stunningly gorgeous no matter what!! I mean like drop-dead gorgeous(Drop Dead Diva) With or Without any kinda tattoo on her hand... Come Hell or High Water!! So please people... Stop hatin'!!!!!!!!


Response to Suz: Yeah you are correct. I was hoping it was fake. When I become big like Perez Hilton I will have my Starbuck Fetcher do the research first. For now I will just comment on what I see and honestly I love Jessica but the tat is ugly.


BlogKingNyc --- henna tattoos aren't permanent. Might want to look things up when you're not sure what they are.


Jessica doesn't do a thing to hurt anybody else. Think about that, harpies, while penning nasties about her. Your day will come. Karma's a bitch.


That's funny!!!!!! I just tweeted on BlogKingNyc how ugly this tat is........ I hope it's fake. she needs Britney Spears DAD to monitor her now. I think she was so pretty until this. Hey Jessica! It's easy to write over a name but now you have to cut your whole hand off when you wake up from what ever high you had in India. Must have some good stuff in India......


Harsh, all she did was get a henna tatto while visiting another country and that caused a whole post of hateing on her. I don't think she is that bad lol shes got a great voice she just needs a good producer and some good songs!


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