Ian Somerhalder: A Handsome August Man

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He isn't exactly making people forget about Robert Pattinson just yet.

But Ian Somerhalder continues to receive rave reviews for his role as Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries.

One part evil, one part sarcastic and all parts hot, Somerhalder's work on The CW hit is a major reason it's been picked up for an entire season.

In an interview with August Man, the actor says Damon is his ideal role. The former model also talks about his transition from modeling to acting, which has clearly gone well.

But don't get Ian wrong: he still knows how to strike a pose. These photos from the magazine are evidence of that:

August Man Pic
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robert pattinson compared by ian somerhalder? what?!no way.. they can't compare them because ian is handsome and sexy.huh.some girls don't know the difference between handsome guy and hugly guy.... robert was just given a break that's why he's famous in his movie-twilight.


ohhhh yum.


I Love Ian Somerhalder is Sexy and HOT!!


OMG Ian is so hawt and sexi. He was also on lost and i loved him then, but he was crushed by a plane and he died. :`(.LOL.


Mmmm, Ian but I also think Paul Wesley is just as hot


Ummm finally a hot, sexy, bad boy vampire we can love while hoping our love is the exception needed to make him good! Thank God cw got it right, since twilight(rob pattinson) obviously DID NOT!


oh dear. I have watched a few episodes of the vampire diaries and i must say that i like it alot. I need to keep watching it then.


It's a nice switch up from Robert Pattinson no?


Nice to meet you