Gretchen Rossi Nixes Breast Implants, Denies Gold Digging, Embraces Role Model Status

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Her fellow stars of The Real Housewives of Orange County may have breast implants (okay, they definitely do, and some of those things are obscenely large).

But Gretchen Rossi won't go there.

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While it's a "personal struggle" to keep her breasts in their natural state, Rossi is willing to assume that burden in honor of her responsibility as a role model.

"It is hard to stay strong and not go under the knife because I'm surrounded by it," she told Fox News. "But ultimately I feel I have made the right choice."

"I can only hope it sets an example to young girls that you don't have to have any plastic surgery to feel beautiful and confident. I love you Kate Hudson!"

This classic picture of Gretchen Rossi nude also sets a great example (as do those infamous shots of her on the can) to all the young women out there.

Seriously, though, we do respect what Gretchen's saying about silicone-free ways, which she feels so strongly about that she started "The Gretchen Project."

That nebulous project is aimed at "finding alternative ways to maintain everlasting beauty without having to go under the knife." It's definitely a good cause!

Not as good a cause? Marrying with a dying man for his money, something which Gretchen Rossi was accused of (and Danielle Staub would not be above).

But she insists that's not her thing, either.

Rossi came under fire for getting engaged to the much older and very wealthy mogul Jeff Beitzel, who lost his battle with leukemia in September 2008.

"Everyone thinks I am a gold digger! But I made my own money before and make my own now," says Gretch, who has since been linked to Slade Smiley.

"I was a top selling real estate agent and was a very well do to and smart business woman. I've purchased my own home, my own car and everything. So technically speaking, 'sugar mama' might fit me better than a 'gold digger'," she said.



good for her not going to plastic route


Good for her, all natural is the way to go


she's dumb. when are her fifteen minutes of fame over? She's a fraud and fooling no one.


He over it all ready


What a hypocrite. She's had a shit loat. of facial plastic surgery! Google "Gretchen rossi" plastic surgery and reputable plastic surgeons looked at old photos and concluded she's had thousands of dollars of surgery. She poses nude for the camera! Good role model? What a fAke.


That's easy to say when you're genetically gifted


Not enough women are like this, good for her! You should be happy with what God gave you!


who cares about this chica


i seriously don't even know who this girl is


Whats so damn wrong with breast implants? Get over folks! It's not a big deal. There's more things in life to worry about than woman having implants or not....right, right?


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