Fashion Face-Off: Blake Lively vs. Khloe Kardashian

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It's a style showdown featuring a gorgeous young actress and one of those krazy Kardashians who appears on the cover of every magazine for whatever reason.

Who's your money on?

Gossip Girl star Blake Lively got into character as Serena van der Woodsen in her Alexander Wang dress recently. As always, she makes it work. Salivatingly.

Meanwhile, newlywed Khloe Kardashian hit a party in L.A. in the very same draped purple mini. Who wore it better? Vote in the survey below and tell us ...

Blake Khloe

Who wore this dress better?


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Like the dress, blake Lively looks better in it


Khloe looks ok but i think she's a bit.. um.. too big? I like Blake in it.


love this dress by the way, i really want one, ha ha


but Khloe looks good to, shes got all the curves in the right spots


agree with Lizz... khloe looks good, but Blake looks really good in that colour!


and that dress is hot


i think they both look really nice


i agree with lizz :)


Khloe looks great but its unfair to put anyone up against Blake Lively.


Blake Lively of course!

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