Eclipse Cast: Preyed on by Paparazzi, Trapped by Tourists

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If you think the Volturi is bad, or that the Wolfpack is dangerous, Twilight Saga fans must prepare for the most terrifying villains of all: themselves!

According to reports, followers of the franchise are coming from all ends of the globe to get a glimpse of the cast filming Eclipse in Vancouver, and no one involved in the movie is happy about it.

Totally Shirtless

"Everyone calls them the Vultures," an insider told E! News, referring to disrespectful onlookers. "The cast hates, hates, hates them. The Vultures actually stalk [the cast] - hunt down every set location and hide out in order to record them everywhere they go off set. It's become unmanageable."

Not every fan qualifies as a Vulture, of course. But there's a reason we've seen so few Robert Pattinson pictures these days.

"Literally [Rob and Kristen] have no choice but to stay inside," the source added.

Fortunately, while few on-set pics exist, a number of New Moon stills have been leaked online. Here are the latest:

Click on the photos above to enlarge images of Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart and Ashley Greene from New Moon.

Due to the rush of paparazzi and unruly fans in Vancouver, there's a good chance producers will find a new shooting location for Breaking Dawn.

While those close to the projects are grateful for the support, many fans just gotta chill.

"These kids are just trying to film a damn movie; [we] wish the world could let them," said someone on set.


There are good reasons for anti-stalking laws of celebreties.
The U.S. Constitution says we have certain inelianable rights,
among those are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
These should be enforced.


It's ridiculous a fan losing perspective is one thing...but "fans" who lose respect for the human rights of these actors and commit personal crimes such as touching, grabbing or otherwise assaulting them is another. The time is long overdue for the media to be held to stricter codes of conduct. The media should not be allowed to circumvent laws every other citizen is required to respect, including privacy laws and illegal pursuit.


These people are absolutely ridiculous and delusional how could you not be portrayed as anything else other than annoying. I'm a Twilight fan but Damn, people should just leave them alone and let them do their jobs. Crazy ass, Stalker types


i'd so be one of those people, unfortunately. sorry i'm very very eager!!


it just amazes me how the craziness of some can ruin it for everyone


I think this is what dehumanizes people who go into the movie business :( they loose that side of them when crap like this happens


well, this explains why The Swan house is being dismanted instead of wrapped and protected like last's one thing to be a fan and get exccited if you see your favorite twi-character....but remember they are real living breathing people, thier personal space has been invaded for months now, lines that use to be respected are being crossed and then the media prints negitive things about these people's the MEDIA and SLALKING FANS, back off, these people might be approachable again and so much mor freindlier

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