D.A. to Review Michael Jackson Case Next Week

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The LAPD will present the case against Dr. Conrad Murray, the sole suspect in the June 25 death of Michael Jackson, to the L.A. County D.A.'s office next week.

LAPD detectives planned to wrap up their exhaustive homicide investigation and present the case by the second week in October. They remain on schedule.

Authorities are waiting on some written evaluations by medical professionals who reviewed evidence surrounding Jackson's death of a suspected overdose.

Law enforcement sources say the medical reports are finally in and the LAPD plans to formally present the case to the D.A.'s office at some point next week.

After that, the D.A. will determine whether to file charges and what kind.

Dr. Conrad Murray Picture

Conrad Murray was Michael Jackson's personal doctor at the time of his death.

Prosecutors have been working with the LAPD for months now, so it's not as if the evidence will be a surprise. Sources say Dr. Murray remains the sole target.

A law enforcement source says there's a "70/30 chance" the D.A. will take the case to the L.A. County Grand Jury rather than charge Dr. Conrad Murray directly.

Murray's girlfriend, Nicole Alvarez, is expected to testify.

The source says this could be a complicated case - obviously - and the very lengthy preliminary hearing that could ensue wouldn't have much upside for prosecutors.

A grand jury indictment would prolong the process, as it would have to be seated and evidence presented, but it would be easy to get and avoids a hearing.

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I hope they nail murrays ass


did anyone hear anything about this going to the prosecutor yet? Something fishy is going on as another week has passed since they said it would be turned over


About time that murderer started to get thru the system. I hope that he pays the price for killing one of the world`s nicest people.I can`t believe this guy got away with all of his schenaigans for so long.Well I guess hes hit the big time now.P.S. I would say he`s got a pretty big target on his back-let`s hope somebody hits it.


i think it was the doctor.


murray is totally at fault


No question Cconrad Murray is guilty. I'm wondering though, how MJ got in touch with him. It was in Vegas, and it sounds like he was sought out because he had financial problems, and people knew he could be persuaded to do what he was told. Having said that, how can he not know to call 911 nor perform CPR on the floor? I just hope he's not another Harvey Oswald. We love you Michael and always will!


Murray is clearly at fault here


I cannot believe they won't leave the poor man to rest in peace! I think he was murdered!


it's a shame what happen to michael but drugs are always around in hollywood so easy to get


i can't believe this is still going on

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