Michael Jackson Homicide Investigation Seriously Almost Done

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The ongoing Michael Jackson homicide investigation is nearing its end, and will be presented to the L.A. County District Attorney in ... 3-4 weeks.

Hey, no one said it was moving quickly. Just almost done.

The bulk of the investigation is completed and Michael Jackson's personal doctor at the time of his death June 25 remains the singular target, sources say.

LAPD detectives have requested opinions from several medical experts who will analyze the evidence and offer their opinions on Dr. Conrad Murray's conduct.

Several glaring inconsistencies and suspect findings regarding Murray's actions on the above date have police pondering what to believe and how to respond.

Will Dr. Conrad Murray be charged in the death of Michael Jackson?

Medical experts usually submit their findings in 2-3 weeks, and detectives need another week to compile evidence for their formal presentation to the D.A.

Law enforcement sources also say an arrest will not be made before Dr. Conrad Murray is charged with a crime, assuming he is charged with a crime at all.

A manslaughter charge seems the most likely crime he would be charged with, a;though less serious - and more serious - charges have not been ruled out.

The case is complicated by the fact that Jackson was taking various drugs, even with compelling evidence that Propofol was the direct cause of his death.


I am swayed to and fro in this case, while being a michael jackson advocate,one day the information leads you one way and the next day it leads you somewhere else. i think what the world has lacked is ( CLOSURE ) !!!! The public (his fans) ect.. were not allowed to veiw Michael's body as word be expected given his stature as the GREATEST ENTERTAINER IN THE WORLD. I believe there is a small chance that he may have pulled the stunt of our time,but i also believe it may have not been a stunt but, a ( necessatity ) PEOPLE!!!! everyone seems to forget michael jackson was a person who had deep feelings and strong reservations on different aspects of his life that he shared with no one, he was heavily in debt due to his never ending contributions to the world, he was a tired 50 year old man that had to walk around with a smile always insuring the world everything was okay, all the while concealing his own personal demons. We need to take a step back and look at the man not the superstar!!!


Does anyone know what has happened with this case? I have not heard of a single thing except that it is ruled as homicide


MJ's death was ruled a homicide quite some time ago. Why no arrests yet? Does anyone know the answer to that? I was under the impression that Conrad was the responsible person - he administered the lethal anesthetic. Why hasn't he been arrested? I'm really puzzled by these events or lack thereof.


Dr. Murray made matters worse by try'n 2 cover his tracks. The fact that he lied, disappeared, and boxes were removed prior 2 his storage being raided shows he was up 2 no good. I think Murray's conscience will get 2 him b4 the law does.


Murray was on the phone with AEG affiliates..and busy covering tracks..this does not end with murray....others were calling the shots...many others, well hidden under the blanket of seemingly normal business protocol. Michael knew this was going on but could'nt prove it...keep digging please..we are watching...

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