Nicole Alvarez, Girlfriend of Dr. Conrad Murray, to Testify in Michael Jackson Investigation

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A grand jury investigating the death of Michael Jackson will hear testimony from the girlfriend of his personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, later this week.

Nicole Alvarez, 27, has been asked by the Los Angeles Country District Attorney’s office to appear before the Jackson grand jury, the L.A. Times reports.

Authorities still want to hear testimony from Alvarez, who has allegedly refused to cooperate with detectives investigating the star’s tragic June 25 death.

Not that it has any bearing here, but it is believed that Nicole Alvarez is also the mother of the doctor's love child, Che Giovanni Murray, born this year.

Smiling Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson (1958-2009).

Prosecutors recently seated a grand jury to probe the music icon's death. The coroner’s office has ruled Jackson’s death a homicide, but what that means in terms of prosecuting one or more offenders remains up in the air.

Dr. Conrad Murray is believed to be the principal, if not sole focus of law enforcement officials' examination into what killed the greatest entertainer in history.

It is widely assumed that Murray administered the powerful anesthesia Propofol and other drugs to Jackson, then tried to cover up his actions to a degree.

Murray has denied any wrongdoing. No charges have been filed in the homicide investigation, which is believed to be nearing its end. Soon. Probably.

Naomi blue

It wasn't "mainstream media" that convinced me MJ was a pedophile. It was MJ's own words admitting he slept with young boys that convinced me he was guilty despite what the jury decided.


I know both Nicole Alvarez And Ben Harris. They are both OK individuals. No one said Nicole was not pretty. But pretty does not mean you are not a gold digger or a liar. Nicole is manipulative and Ben can be an Ass if you push him. They both have had mild success in the industry. Ben wrote that book before MJ even died. she cannot sue him for deformation of character when what he is saying in interviews is true. She did strip in Vegas and she did have a baby by a married man that was 30 years older than her.


La Toya Jackson cried about a systematic effort to endanger Michael Jackson's life Gerald Posner interviewed someone who thought Michael was mixing Chemicals because he falsely believed that it would get him out of his contract. And instead of warning Michael prepared a story about Micheal's upcoming death If not a conspiracy Michael had some very coldblooded people working for him. This is more serious than Dr. Murray's incompetence. Note"Michael Jackson, La Toya his Sister Cried, had been Surrounded by Shady Characters who Wanted him Dead" RichardKanePA


Dr. Murray did cover up his crime. Having the room Michael was over 90 degrees covers up the time of death as time of death is measured by body temperature. This is not manslaughter or negligence, this is first degree murder. But, Dr. Murray is the fall guy. Others are involved too.


Nicole is not a stripper she is a young talitent actress! She does not need to be apart of this.


the sadest part this man killed Michael Jackson - why isn't he arrested and charged? is it because he is black? He gave the dose that killed the King of Pop and left him for a telephone call! Bet if the doctor was white he would have been charged and the crowds would be yelling for justice.


We call for Michael’s vindication by MAINSTREAM MEDIA. MJ was acquitted by a jury in 2005. Not good enough. For his children’s sake, mainstream media must become more responsible. We discuss how truth can compel mainstream media to publicly admit it wrongly accused MJ of despicable crimes. Many people still believe MJ was guilty. They were influenced to believe the allegations by a biased MAINSTREAM MEDIA. No links allowed here so search at Yahoo Groups for "vindication better than tributes."


there's really no need to keep stringing us along. we all know dr. murray will never be charged, as he is a mason.

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