Celebrity Look-Alikes, Vol. 62: John Mayer & Penn Badgley

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Not all celebrity look-alikes are created equal.

Admittedly, this installment is fueled largely by similar hairstyles among the two stars - but sometimes, as we saw with this Rihanna lookalike, that's all you need.

A John Mayer Picture

THG reader jogirl20099 sent in this photo comparison of John Mayer and Penn Badgley. Okay, it's a younger John Mayer and a much younger Penn Badgley.

Still, it's good enough for our purposes (contact us to submit your own)!

What do you think, readers? Does the douchebag singer look like the Gossip Girl actor before he cut his hair and began dating Blake Lively? Vote below!

Do you see a John Mayer-Penn Badgley resemblance?


Damn they're like twins


wow its weird... they look so similarrr!


mg yes! they look the same! how awkward..


i dont really think thats a good thing though, lol


i think they look so much alike


WOW !!! this is weird!


the cheekbones, hair, and eyes look alike


i see the resemblance


kind of but penn looks so much more like heath ledger in 10 things i hate about you!!


they totally looks alike!! penn badgley's hotter now though ha

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