Whitney Houston on Good Morning America: Weak

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The great Whitney Houston performed her first comeback show this morning for Good Morning America in New York City's Central Park, and boy the audience killed.

Yep, the audience. The appreciative crowd, happy to see their hero back on stage after ... well, a really long time, helped her out by singing all the high notes. Woo!

Whitney Houston reportedly cut the GMA concert short because of a strained voice, but later said via her rep that "she only committed to two songs," but sang four.

We hope her rendition of "I'm Every Woman" was the third or fourth ...


After reading more hurtful comments about whitney, i know that some ppl r goin 2 hell 4 sure. The important thing 2 remember is that her fans will always outnumber her haters!!!! I feel 4 whitney so much. She didn't even have 2 do a comeback after all the trauma shes been tru, but she did and then 2 be critisized 4 her every move is just ridiculous. I don't want ppl to hate her just cos of 1 performance. Please stop. ALL WHITNEY HATERS OF THE WORLD I WANT U 2 REMEMBER:
To judge a person is very easy thing to do but one day you'll be judged,so be careful! I judge ppl too but I regret it unless its someone really bad who deserves it.
What I'm really trying to say, is... God, please give Whitney the strength 2 pull thru, pls shield her from hurtful comments and keep her strong. p.s If all haters DONT STOP, I will hunt you down AND FEED U TO YOUR DOGS!!!


Oh my gosh, ive run out of things 2 say as evry 1 of these articles is full of the same crapola. As 4 the title, someone's weak but it aint whitney houston, if u know what i mean.....


I am a Whitney Houston fan. I am so happy to see her back in the spotlight. She can't hit all the high notes when she was younger because of the drugs. However, she really can sing. I love her. I asK God to keep her strong and off of drugs.