VMA Fashion Face-Off: Beyonce vs. Solange

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Beyonce was at the center of controversy last night - through no fault of her own.

If you missed it, that jackass Kanye West decided to interrupt Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards, proclaiming that Beyonce was more deserving of Best Female Video after producing THE GREATEST VIDEO OF ALL TIME!!!!!

To her credit, Beyonce was horrified, then reached out to Swift with a classy gesture after the incident. Yeah. Even she thinks Kanye West is a moron.

Moving on to more important things, girl was lookin' flat out FIERCE last night in that red dress. So vibrant. The plunging neckline and the shoes? Wow.

Not to be outdone, her sister Solange showed up and ... well, she was probably outdone. But that black number with the shaved head looked cool.

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Beyonce in Red
Solange Pic

Who looked better?


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Beyonce dat red dress is the boom n i think is abt tym u changed ur dancing routins cz Kerry Hilson is in the house. wake up


John Robert Holbrook is very classy and funny! I just bought his Cologne "John Robert Holbrook - Pharaoh and it rocks! I heard that Robert Redford, Bill Clinton and Princess Diana's Boys wear it....Awesome! *Your MTV VMA 2009 Best/Worst made my day! Keep it coming!


HOLBROOK is sooooooooooooo fuc*ing funny!


Where is the MTV Video Awards 5 best/worst dressed post that was here? It was hilarious. We always love what JR Holbrook has to say!!! We came back to show some friends and it is gone. Tommy and friends....Studio "B"
PS. If "The Hollywood Gossip" censored that post we will have no respect for this blog! Last time we checked we live in the United States Of America and there is freedom of speech!


The 2009 MTV Video Music Awards was like a rapper, thug free for all! I will never watch it again. It made me uncomfortable and it was not enjoyable!


Whatever to it all, except those TOO tight pants on ANY man.
Beyonce, SO does NOT need to lose an ounce.


Are you kidding me? I will say it again, Beyonce needs to lose a lot of weight. She is not a woman who has great looking legs. Her sister looks better.

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