Happy Birthday, Beyonce!

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Beyonce possesses an impressive movie resume.

She's in the prime of a long-term, successful singing career.

She's married to Jay Z, a well-respected rapper and entrepreneur.

She also turns 28 years old today, an occasion that prompts the question: what do you get the A-list celebrity that has everything?

Perhaps a shirt, for the occasional topless album cover. But, mostly, we think Beyonce would simply appreciate support from her fans. Check out our photo tribute to the superstar below and then send her your birthday wishes today!

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love beyonce!!!!


Dear Beyonce` Today is your day,you deserve to shine and be the QUEEN OF TODAY!!! But that is easy for you because you are alwys the QUEEN!!!! I know what you need for your birthday, you need... Adozen red roses,a silve necklace that spells the word...QUEEN, and a pretty gold shirt that shows clevage for your new album cover. You ROCK BEYONCE`!!!!! HAPPY B-DAY Your BIGGEST fan... Djuan Powell


Hi Beyonce from across the atlantic I also wish you a happy & healthy belated birthday. Life is beautiful so keep giving us more of your great music.


hapibday beyonce, i love u so much and i feel so previllage to be writting dis. May u continue to suceed in whateva plans u have now and in the future. Remain blessed.


hy beyonce wish ya all the best and a happy birthday love ya very much !!!


happy b-day!miss u much, hope u get tha message.


I hope you have a nice 28th birthday beyonce.My birthday is also september 4th.


I can't belive it man! Happy B-DAY! Beyonce is the most famous ov all and popular then all.


I'm late posting because I did not see this sight listed....I hope you had a great B-DAY! I LOVE YOU, YOU ARE THE GREATEST! I LOVE ALL OF YOUR CD'S AND VIDEO'S. KEEP DOING YOU THANG GIRL! HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Beyonce you look really good what did you do for your 28th B-day you already have everything you and Jay should start your family for your B-day.

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Beyonce Booty Baby Beyonce Knowles is multi-talented and multi-awesome! Aside from being beautiful, she can sing and act pretty well, too. Not a shabby... More »
Houston, Texas
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I don't wanna be a hot girl - I wanna be iconic.


There are responsibilities that come along with this life ... trying to have a romantic meal without someone sneaking in to film the whole thing.

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