Tony Romo: Dating Candice Crawford?

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Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo definitely has a type.

According to Celeb TV, the NFL star and quasi-celebrity is now dating Miss Missouri Candice Crawford, the sister of Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford!

While this rumor is unsubstantiated, it could be true because:

  • Tony and Chace, a Dallas native, are friends.
  • Candice Crawford covers high school sports for Dallas station 33TV and also hosts the weekend Dallas Cowboys sports show Special Edition.
  • She totally kind of looks like Jessica Simpson and Carrie Underwood (who, after dating Tony Romo, also dated Chace Crawford). We're sold!

Whether they're dating or not, don't you think Tony Romo and Candace Crawford make a cute pair? She's gotta be less annoying than Jessica, too ...

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Whoever Tony Romo the Homo dates or marries, I flirt with. I mean
I don't like that jerk. He thinks who he is. Let him get mad and think about fighting me. I don't care. He's no Donavon McNabb or Eli Manning. And another thing: Go Giants and Go Eagles.


I don't get how Jessica Simpson is always "fat" now. Even back when the pics of her at a healthier size were in circuit, she was still skinny. People forget cameras add pounds. And who cares, women are and should be bigger. Look at other curvy women in the limelight: Nelly Furtado, Fergie, Kim Kardashian. No one harps on those women half as much as they do on Jessica.
And it's obvious Romo likes blondes, with the exception of Sophia Bush. However, none of his exes look any more or less high maintenance than the others.


their noses look very much alike, maybe that it their attraction to each other.


Tony seems to always gets the hottest pieces of ass, just imagine what a good QB can get.


perfect pair...2 nobodies from hicksville!!! would anyone even know anything about tony romo if it werent for jessica simpson.. he throws a ball real good, yeehaw! he's not famous, just another dumb, overpaid jock!


the crawford definitely have a good gen lol..i think they make a cute couple..and please don't bring jessica simpson on this.i think jessica is a nice girl and people need to stop making her as a punching bag!


Candice Crawford is dating someone and it isn't Tony Romo. Her boyfriend lives in KC and she was just here visiting him a few weeks ago.


She looks like an anorexic horse. A clear step down and I don't think J. Simpson is all that hot.


She's defenatly prettier than jessica simpson! But still dosnt beat carrie underwood!!


This girl looks nothing like Jessica Simpson. This girl is pretty, young, and is not fat. The only thing they have in common is blonde hair, but it looks like this girl washes hers and keeps her roots touched up.