Takers? Chris Brown Looks to Boost Career

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Chris Brown's upcoming movie, Takers, actually looks pretty darn good.

Or will at least give people a chance to see Chris Brown do something other than answer questions about why he beat the living hell out of Rihanna.

In all seriousness, though, it could be cool.

Featuring the likes of Matt Dillon, Paul Walker, Hayden Christensen, and even T.I. and Idris Elba (best known from The Wire and awkwardly amusing The Office quotes last season), the movie's working title was Bone Deep.

That title was dropped, possibly because it sounds like a movie Lindsay Lohan would star in - for free, every night from 2-6 a.m. - if ever one existed.

Takers Movie Poster

Everyone's after something. Including the newest version of Photoshop.

Takers features Chris Brown & Co. taking part in a whole host of precision heists, double-crosses, explosions and using firearms. Good fun all around!

Is this a good vehicle for Chris to jump-start his career after the speed bump he hit when he hit RiRi in Feburary? Check out the trailer for it below ...


Yes, this will help all of us to move on, he and also the public shouldn't let what happened to him at 19 get in the way of a great career in movies and the music industry. Not condoning abuse and it's not the same as drug abuse but, Robert Downey Jr is a great actor and he had more than his share og jail and drugs being fired from Ally McBeal because of his drug use but... he finally got himself together and continue on making movies. We ALL have made some kind of mistakes in our lives and we learn from them. Chris Brown accepted what the court deemed as his punishment and is trying to move on. I wish him the best


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