Kim Kardashian Kritiques Kourtney Kardashian: She's a "Crazy Bitch"

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According to Kim Kardashian, her sister is "huge" in two ways:

  1. As a woman that's approximately six months pregnant;
  2. As a bitch.

First, more obvious and less insulting things first.

Kim told E! News that Kourtney Kardashian - who is pregnant, in case you haven't heard - has a belly that is growing along with the human being inside of her. Incredible, we know.

"She's huge. She is huuuuge! I think she's in denial of buying maternity clothes, because she just borrows Khloe's clothes," Kim said, quickly explaining herself. "It's because Khloé is so much taller. Kourtney will take Khloé's top and wear it as a dress... She will not buy maternity clothes. I don't know what's wrong with her."

You mean, aside from a pathological need for attention? We don't know, either.

Kourt and Kim

As for the upcoming season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim pretends as though Kourtney's pregnancy was not pitched to the family months ago by the writers. How dumb does she think we are?!?

"Kourtney is so moody," she said. "She is such a crazy bitch these days. She's so moody that I'm nervous to start shooting."

Just read the cue cards and you should be fine, Kim.


I have never been into watching these reality shows but found it on and was just floored at this Kourtneys behavior. She is a pathetic psychotic bitch. Seriously in a professional opinion she has a major mental issue . I found her repulsive. It disgusted me. All that money and the ability to do good with the publicity and you behave like that? She is by far the worst of the bunch. Someone above said selfish... That is an understatement. I won't ever watch that again and would never allow my teen daughter.


Wow these comments I just read we're very, very mean. I understand that the Kardashians don't have any real talent such as singing, playing an instrument, etc but they are entertainers. I really despise these "black boyfriend" comments. WTF?


Kourtney and Scoot are first living in state of sin if they have been living together for that long they should get Married but the Problem is Kourtney is what like call stubborn. Kourtney had baby out of wedlock and know we are hearing she wants to have another baby out of wedlock, people like this end up in Hell when they die. Kourtney wake up either get Married to guy or live him and don't go back to him. But I feel sorry for Scoot he is trying but Kourtney Mom is always put him down every chance she gets much he tries. Reminds me of my ex Mother Inlaw. I hated that Women, Cris Jenner is somone I don't like either.


Kourtney is a horrible person. She acts so selfishly, then she calls Kim and Khloe selfish just to make them feel bad because they don't give her what she wants. She and Scott are PERFECT for each other. They are both mean, self-absorbed people.

@ Lisa

I absolutely agree I commented below. She is God awful. I couldn't watch anymore. She's just a foul human being


They are kind of annoying but I have to say that kourt did grad from the university of arizona I guess she just plays dumb


I'm laughing so hard! Kim and Khloe look like two Mexican street hookers!! I swear thats who I thought they were! And they are famous, both of them are really ugly when you take all that crap of their face, nothing special about these two low lifers!


The Kardashians, illiterate, uneducated, no morals, no decency, trashy people, common low class trailor trash really. They are
a sad chapter of society and people should stop talking about these common sluts who are now nothing but gold diggers. Always looking for some money, they are a pathetic group of low class trash!


Whats with all these Kardashians being hookers. Why are they famous? Oh thats right, they are famous because they are dysfunctional and Kim is a common slut!


Can't wait to see the new Jenner whores that mom Kris will be pimping out!
Sad so sad!


Thats true, The Kardashians are famous because Kim made a sex tape and she is loose. The others jumped on the band wagon pushed by their pimp mom! So sad for someone like Bruce Jenner, I used to think he was great, he must be trash like the family he married into. Next his daughters will be the new little whores!

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