Hugh Hefner to Divorce Kimberley Conrad

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After 20 years of marriage and 11 of estrangement, Hugh Hefner has finally made the move to divorce his wife, Kimberley Conrad. Yes. Hef is married.

They've been separated since 1998. Kimberley, a former Playboy model (of course), has been living in a nice house next door to the Playboy mansion.

Things ended amicably between the pair, who legally remained married as Conrad lived next door raising their two sons, Marston, 19, and Cooper, 17.

Earlier this year, however, Hefner fell on some hard times and sold that house, prompting Kimberley Conrad to sue him. Yes, suing her own husband.

Kimberley says Hugh Hefner, who's been screwing the Shannon Twins and Crystal Harris, has also screwed her this year - out of more than $5 million.

Not a pretty picture. Unlike the pictures below, of the '89 Playmate of the Year. Hef knew how to pick 'em back then. The Shannon Twins? Kinda whack.

Kimberley Conrad Nude
Kimberley Conrad, Playboy

Kimberley Conrad is still Mrs. Hugh Hefner. For now.


Can you divorce a corpse? Hef died 20 years ago.


First she kicks Carrie Leigh out of the Mansion, she marries Hef,has two children to make sure she HOOKS him. She cheats on
him with the household staff and twenty years later she sues him.
What a whore, get a job like the rest of us, work is good for the soul.

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