Beyonce: Nude, Sasha Fierce

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Beyonce releases her third solo album on Tuesday, November 18.

The CD would be a guaranteed success even if the singer were not posing nude on its cover. But she is. And it's hot.

Beyonce Nude

Sorry, Jay Z, but we may stare at this artwork for a long time.

The unusual name of the album "I Am… Sasha Fierce," refers to Beyonce’s alter ego, a moniker she has given her performance character.


Forget her beauty she's now a witch,a seductress. Don't let her look deceive u. Pause and think the meaning of sasha fierce,sasha fierce is a witch and it has possess beyonce. They now worship satan,use music 2 preach about satan. Pls mind the music u sing and listen to,there music is devilish. God pls protect ur children in Jesus Name,Amen.


I think i hate her and Jezy,they are both cult members who has sold their souls to devil 2 be famous and rich. Jezy call himself hova meaning Jehova and beyonce call herself I AM which was what Jehova told moses is His name. What shall it profit a man 2 gain the whole world and loose his soul? At last day satan shall mock those of u who served him bcos it shall be horrible. Escape from the wrath of God now by repenting from ur sins.


She's so biutiful, gud looking, enchanting n endearing. More lik a DIVA.


wel i think something is wrong why is she in anything to do with the cult .i think she cute though it raises so many questions.............


she looks very beautiful without that war paint they call makeup. love to see more of that natural beauty


sexy pics


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