Dustin Diamond: Saved By the Bell Cast Smoked a Lot of Weed, Mark-Paul Gosselaar Was on Steroids

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A sneak peek at Dustin Diamond's "shocking" new Saved By the Bell tell-all, Behind the Bell, contains claims of drugs, sex and even steroid use.

Yes, Double-D claims that co-star Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who portrayed Bayside High hunk Zack Morris, was juicing on set of the popular TV show.

Specifically, he alleges Gosselaar began using steroids before production started on the short-lived Saved by the Bell: The College Years spinoff.

"[Mark-Paul] suddenly exploded with manliness, loading 25 pounds of muscle on his once-scrawny frame in, oh, about a month," writes Dustin Diamond, 32, who is, perhaps for this very reason, not in touch with any of his former co-stars.

Gosselaar, who dismissed the book and wanted its author banned from the Saved By the Bell reunion in August, dismissed Screech's new claims:

"We weren't in rehab and Mr. Belding wasn't my crack dealer,” he said.

Dustin Diamond also says the Saved By the Bell cast got stoned a lot.

"I could smell a certain type of 'smoke,' wafting from from the crack" underneath his cast mates' dressing rooms, says Diamond. Ooh, shocker.

The failed stand-up comic and grotesque sex tape purveyor, who filed for bankruptcy in 2001 and has myriad financial problems continuing to the present day, says his co-stars frequently hooked up off-camera as well as on it.

"If Kelly [Tiffani Thiessen] was interested in Slater [Mario Lopez] one week, backstage there was a lot going on in Mario [Lopez]'s room," he says.

"Then, if Jessie [Elizabeth Berkley] kissed Zack, then you know Elizabeth Berkley is going in Mark-Paul's room." Another staggering allegation.

Basically, Dustin Diamond's book is neither scandalous nor interesting based on these snippets. Give us some real dirt or get lost, D-squared.


I would absolutely fuck Kelly because she is so fukin hot!!!!!!!! 8=D. (.)(.)


Okay so first off i am 13 years old, just recently got introduced and addicted to Save By The Bell, Absolutly L.O.V.E it, now second, okay so if they did do all this crap that hes writing about then where's the part where he joined the cast in ther mistakes, because in his act to embarrass them, He forgot to mention the part he was doing sterioids to, he was smokin weed, and all that crap because we all knew he was doing it!


so what panties got dropped


I am a very fan of saved by the bell.. and really I don't care about their mistake... nobody is perfect


I want to butt fuck double D, then take my stinky dick and floss his ears!!!


Geez did anyone see this guy on celebrity fit club? He is a 1st Class A1 sleeze bag who whines and cries over every little thing. He can dish it but he can't take it cuz he's a whiney cry baby. if everyone else was doing drugs on SBTB, and from what i've seen of dustin diamond, u can't tell me he wasn't doing them either. remember when he sold those t-shirts that said Save Screeech's House? Heck a lot of ppl reported that they never got one when they sent in $10 or $20 if they wanted it autographed. He's so arrogant, and a deadbeat loser. He should go out and get a real job, and stop trying to make money by airing everyone else's business. If he wasn't such a drama queen he might actually still be in the TV business in some shape or form.


Does he reveal who got the most points- Screech or Zak and why?


im a BIG fan of saved by the bell, and i think that if what Dustin is saying is true...i don't give a crap, i love the show and i still watch the reruns, nobody is perfect and if they did things backstage i don't care, as long as they didn't do them on camera, they never set a bad example on the show and that is good


he's trying to make money because he is so broke but his book is not going to sell


saved by the bell obviously led him nowhere

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