Dustin Diamond Cropped Out of Saved By the Bell Reunion Photo; Gets Last Laugh in Tell-All Book

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Let this be a lesson to all you child stars out there. Film one disgusting sex tape when you grow up and People magazine will crop you out of old photos.

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    If Dustin excluded himself from the Photo Shoot to take the attention away from himself, he failed miserably. What an awesome way to have people talk about you and feel sorry that you weren't included lol.


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    You people are such fucktards, Dustin Diamond stole money from people when he lied at his home being foreclosed. He also lied about the sex tape and whiny piece of shit loser and he doesn't deserve any attention. Aside from that, he didn't want to part of this reunion anyway so why should he be in there. Now, he about to lose his home and does his comedy routine at pizza joints. Karma is giving Screech a nice kick in the ass and I hope it hits this piece of shit, low life hard!


    Dustin Diamond is the biggest fuckin loser!! He's broke and thats why he made that pathedic book! His act sucks and he's simply not funny!! Nobody from that show talks to him anymore, accept for Dennis Haskin another cornball actor..what a WASH UP!


    I just saw Dustin at our local bar, doing stand up comedy, and he was funny as hell!!!! He rocks, and if you dont like him, then theres something wrong with you.


    I can honestly see why Dustin Diamond has reacted in society the way he has. How would you feel if for 10 years of being on a show you were portrayed as the dweeby nerd that was hopeless and nothing but a joke? This practically ruined his chances of ever being taken seriously in other tv or movie roles, while other cast members were able to go on and do other things. I'd probably be somewhat grudgeful as well. He would never be seen as Dustin because he will always be "Screech" and I feel like he just needs to lash out because of that and wanted to show everyone on the show's true personality. He's not hiding anything about himself so why should the others? I commend him for saying hey this is me and if you like me fine and if not fuck you too. He lived a lie for so long and I think that's why he is so straight forward and is given the "douchebag" reputation.


    Diamond is a has been and never made it. Better go to work, maybe they can use you at some Berger joint, as this seems to be all your mentality can handle.


    You dumbasses, especially the author of this post. The only reason Dustin Diamond isn't included is because he excluded himself. He didn't want to be part of the photo shoot, for whatever reason. So why would they have his picture on the cover if he wasn't included? Just another bullshit Internet article about bullshit celebrities. Don't be total fucktards. Especially you, 'Free Britney'


    I think that a reunion of the cast should include the entire cast, regardless of what they have done in the interim. In regards to the book, I imagine that there will be a degree of truth in it, but he shouldn't air people's dirty laundry in public. However, calling Diamond names (as other postings did) is not the solution, the solution is not buying the book. With that said, I don't think that the book will be a best seller.

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