Aide: John Edwards Knocked Up Rielle Hunter, Said Dave Matthews Would Play at Wedding

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The former John Edwards aide who claimed it was he, not the former U.S. Senator and presidential hopeful, who knocked up Rielle Hunter in 2007, now says in a book proposal obtained by the New York Times that Edwards is the father.

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    Pox on all these bastards.


    new blog


    I can't understand how Elizabeth Edwards could campaign for John for President when she already KNEW about his affair! What would have happened if John Edwards had won the Democratic nomination and THEN this came out? John McCain would be President! They are both selfish, self-centered people since it was all about them. I feel sorry for Elizabeth Edwards but on Oprah she said she didn't care if John was the father of Reille Hunter's baby since it didn't matter to her. How can anyone who is a mother not think an innocent child matters? The baby is, after all, her childrens' half-sister.


    Edwards is no gentleman. He picked the slut up in a bar. She gave him a one liner and he fell. They both deserve each other. Sleeze and Slut. Elizibeth, Dump the guy. He is going nowhere fast.


    1:46 PM-rather die ALONE than with a LYING CHEATING MONEY-STEALING COWARD LOSER!! She can still DIVORCE him and have her children! YOU TELL THEM 12:47 PM and 8:57 AM comments!!! John E. IS a LOSER and should be in JAIL!!Both parents are NOT good examples anyway!


    He had NO problem breaking his wedding vows and sleeping with another woman, yet not one ounce of anything to admit he did it. A cheater and a coward. Then denies that he is the father of his daughter? I bet when she's older she'll be so proud of her daddy, not to mention her mother, who knew the man was married when she was conceived.


    Say what you like about John Edwards, but the self-righteous assholes who critize Elizabeth Edwards should think again. The woman is dying, and has to live with the fact that her children will someday soon face life without their mother. Of course she could choose to spend her remaining existence being vindictive - but thank God she has the grace and strength to put her kids first, rather than "leave, divorce him and take him for all he is worth." I'd like to see whoever has such high and mighty opinions choose to do that to their kids father and die alone if they find themselves in her place someday.


    Dude Edwards and Jon Gosselin are soulmates.


    John Edwards-LIAR CHEATER STEALER LOSER DOUCHEBAG !! He should be put in JAIL and PAY back ALL the money he STOLE and then some! What a DISGRACE! Elizabeth E. is a STUPID woman and a COWARD-SHE SHOULD HAVE LEFT, DIVORCED, and TAKEN that SCUMBAG for all he is worth-which is NOTHING!!

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