Will Victoria Beckham Replace Paula Abdul on American Idol?

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With Paula Abdul officially off American Idol, questions are swirling around the show.

Will she be replaced as a judge? If so, by whom?

It is with great trepidation that we report the Fox series is considering Victoria Beckham for the role, as Britain's Sky News states Posh Spice will make a “one-off appearance” as a guest judge next season.

Supposedly, the large-breasted former Spice Girl has no interest in making this a permanent job because she wants to focus on her fashion line. But London's The Daily Mirror says the offer is out there:

“Victoria is hugely flattered as this is one of the highest profile gigs in America... Network bosses would love to give her the job full-time and it looks like it’s there for her if she wants it."

Former Posh Spice

As for Abdul, where will she head next? So You Think You Can Dance producer Nigel Lythgoe isn't shy about wooing the wacky judge for his show:

"With Paula's background as a dancer, choreographer and reality judge now, I don't know any one more qualified than Paula Abdul," he told The Los Angeles Times.

But back to Beckham. Is this really a good idea? Didn't American Idol see what her husband did to soccer in the United States?

Do you wanna see Victoria Beckham as a judge next season?


David Beckham is a second-rate soccer player who stated publicly that he DID NOT WANT to return to play for the L.A. Galaxy; he attempted to buy his way into the Milan soccer team to avoid going back to California. Victoria Beckham is a skanky, bobble headed egocentric, self-satisfied individual. She'd probably HATE anyone who was thinner than her or had a better complexion (which wouldn't take much!). What's she know about talent, anyway?? Posh and David should stick to modeling Armani underwear in Europe. That's what they're best suited for in life.






Let's hope Victoria Beckham will have more loyalty to her employer and the A.I. fans that her husband does to his team.
Personally I wish the A.I. producers would find an American to fill the 4th judge's place --- or even the 3rd, and toss Carla or Karla or whatever her name is. The woman's like nails on a blackboard.

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