Steven Tyler Falls Off Stage, Hospitalized

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Steven Tyler, the legendary Aerosmith frontman, was rushed to a hospital last night after falling from stage during a concert in South Dakota.

The 61-year-old took a spill while entertaining the crowd by dancing around after the sound system failed during the song "Love In an Elevator."

Mike Sanborn, spokesman for the Buffalo Chip Campground, which hosted the concert, said Steven Tyler was on the stage's catwalk when he fell.

Security rushed to help him and the crowd cheered when Tyler got back up.

"He was good natured about it," Sanborn said. "He was in good spirits when he got in the helicopter. He was talking and joking with the physician."

"It was an unfortunate end to an extraordinary evening."

Steven Tyler suffered minor head and neck injuries and a shoulder injury, but it wasn't immediately clear how serious that was, officials say.

Around 12:15 a.m., Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry told the audience that Steven Tyler was being taken to the hospital and that the show would not go on.

It happened about halfway through the performance.

"He does a lot of dancing on the stage, a lot of stuff with his mike stand. He put his stand down, twirled around and stepped backwards off the stage," he said.

Sanborn said that post-fall, Tyler was attended to on site by a physician and flown to Rapid City Regional Hospital, the only major hospital in the region.

Here's wishing Steven a full and speedy recovery!

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