The Twilight Saga vs. The Vampire Diaries: Part II

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Welcome to the second part of our investigative series into similarities and differences between the Twilight Saga and The Vampire Diaries.

Almost all readers are familiar with the former, of course, as Robert Pattinson and company have become an international sensation.

But what to make of the latter? Fans have been wondering if the upcoming CW drama is merely a rip-off of the Twilight franchise. As mentioned in yesterday's analysis of Edward Cullen vs. Stefan Salavtore, that answer is no; The Vampire Diaries novels were actually published long before Twilight.

Twilight Saga
Vampire Diaries Book

Now, it's on to part two of this special inside look: Jacob Black vs. Damon Salvatore!


  • Both have dark hair and dark features; are fiercely loyal; are considered the third point of an unusual love triangle; possess a unique family history.
As Damon


  • Jacob is a werewolf, Damon is a vampire; Jacob is a different species than his rival Edward, Damon is the brother of his rival Stefan; Jacob has a long mane, Damon has short hair.

Coming tomorrow: Part III - Bella Swan vs. Elena Gilbert!


no doubt damon is the best;) thanks a lot dear fans for appreciatig tvd. your encouragement means a lot to me. love ya...


Twilight saga is the worst vampire/warewolf based lol lol.,
I never heard of any vampire sparkle in sunshine.sunlight is fatal for vampires.
From my birth (too much, I guess) I have been hearing that vampires die by wooden stake in their heart, not by tearing and burning their bodies.
How the hell newly turned vampires are stronger than older one, too unbelievable! Werewolves are supposed to turn on full moon only, not some crap like, you can change on will with takes more suffering and pain.
I think v.d is way better than that weird, lol, junk, trash, cracked twilight saga. [no offence;) ] twilight sucks, v.d rocks. And also, edward looks sleepy and lazy and clumsy and jerk.
Alright, I am coool now!!!:)


Damon he is hot and sexy and dark my kind of guy know if i were his age


Damon Salvatore is better then Jacob Black. When Twilight came out I was like great one more thing my older sister can anoy me with I wasn't trilled nor a fan but when I heard about The nVampire Diaries I was trilled. I was like yes a show that I like and also a show that I can anoy my older sister with.


twilight and jacob of course!!!!!!!!! twilight rules


now thats just stupid
i get edward vs stefan and bella vs elena
but jacob vd damon?
Damon is like flipping clark kent gone wrong
hes wayyyyyyy stronger, hotter and of course sometimes hes all cocky but thats what makes him damon
and he belongs
i repeat belongs with Elena They totally complete each other. Stefan is just a sub, lets hope elena realizes its damon for her and the door for stefan!!! i agree with davenight and govampire diaries
theyre totally right
Damon makes this show for me, without him i would die
Its all about Damon Salvatore.


vampire diaries! i love twilight, movie and specially the book! but then i started watching vampire diaries. and i am so hooked up! then i figured that vampire diaries was release on 1991, which adds up the awesomeness i felt for it! for those to love twilight, wait until you watch or read vampire diaries. then you'll know what i'm talking abou!

No twilight go the vampire diaries

ITs OVER!!!Formal first season finished! How would I live until September??? Aaaaaa, Damon!!! Ill not gonna seе u 4 3 munts!!! Whyyy!!!


that preview song for vd episode 22 is awsome! its called> bury me alive by the fallen..


those who really love twilight should google> ari karpel speaks on twilight on clevver tv.. exclusive check it out

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