Police: Dr. Conrad Murray Gave Michael Jackson Propofol, Then Left Him Unattended

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Dr. Conrad Murray has been under wide scrutiny ever since Michael Jackson died June 25. The police and DEA investigation into the star's personal physician has centered around his use of Propofol, a hospital-grade anesthesia.

While that drug is believed to have killed the King of Pop on that day, sources close to the manslaughter investigation of Murray tell the Los Angeles Times that he may be charged with negligence. As in Murray essentially dosed-and-dashed.

One theory the police are working on? That Murray left the star completely alone after administering the fatal, final injection of Propofol. This is why they think there is just a gap between Jackson's time of death and the first 911 call.

Dr. Conrad Murray reportedly left Jackson in his bed in order to make phone calls and, when he returned, discovered the star was no longer breathing.

It's unclear how long the doctor was out of the room, though Murray told detectives he frequently left Michael alone and it had never been a problem.

Well, except for that last time.

Smiling Michael Jackson

Dr. Conrad Murray was the last person to see Michael Jackson alive.

Investigators are now trying to determine whether to slap negligence onto their existing manslaughter investigation, not only for leaving Michael Jackson alone that morning but for administering Propofol outside of a hospital in general.

Other drugs were found in Jackson's system at the time of his death, making it more difficult, potentially, to find Murray definitively guilty of manslaughter.

A law enforcement source also says that Jackson used Propofol for insomnia for nearly a decade, while Murray only came on as the singer's doctor this year.

Murray apparently told police he administered the drug in the early hours of June 25, after Jackson returned home from a rehearsal and could not sleep.

Murray's lawyer, Ed Chernoff, verified at least part of the sources' claims, confirming to the Times that his client did in fact chat with family members and employees in his medical offices prior to discovering Jackson's lifeless body.

As it is, while he's been netting all the headlines, Conrad Murray is one of five doctors the LAPD is investigating in connection to Jackson's death.

He is, however, the only one who has been publicly identified as a suspect.


conrad will recieve his punishment in heaven he killed michael him and his derm...THE ONLY ONE That knows the truth other than the murderers is GOD AND CONARD CUZ I DONT CONSIDER HIM AS A DOCTOR SHALL AND WILL RECEIVE HIS REWARD (maybe HELL0)


Michael Jackson death is sad, but the blame fall on Michael and his family. His family knew he had medical problems and did nothing. So the easy way to deal with Michael's death is to blame some one else. Shame on them, Michael was an adult, he choose to use drugs. Face it he was not prefect. Give his kids peace and stop lying, let them know Michael loved them made a bad choice that took his life. Let these kids grow up right, do not damage them like the Jackson family kids are damage(crazy)


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That Doctor who gave Michael the druug should be taken to jail and find guilty of neglect.


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Dr. Conrad Murray had set a hooker up in an apt. close to Jackson's mansion. MJ came home last and exhausted from rehearsing all day. Dr. Murray hooked him up to a Propofol drip then, when MJ was out of it, left and called his hooker gf, forgetting about Michael for hours. He was distracted, thinking about his gf, and set the dosage of the propofol drip to high. As a result, Michael Jackson stopped breathing then his heart stopped beating. In less than 2 months after being hired to protect MJ's health, Michael died because of this jerk's incompetence! There is no question but Dr. Murray should go to jail for a long time. A strong message should be sent to the other quacks out there!


this idiot is digging a bigger hole for himself the more he talks to LAPD. what doctor administers an anestetic like propofol, then leaves the room to "make phone calls"?! he should be charged with murder, never mind manslaughter. his only job, was being the personal physician to michael, and he couldn't even do that. incompetant. inexcusable. regardless of what was going on in michaels private life, this doctor was 150% responsible for his health and well being. a doctor doesnt administer a drug thats only used in a hosptial setting, with all necessary equipment and personel, only to dose him up then leave the room!


Here's a tip: when you have trouble sleeping, try melatonin or a sleep clinic. Having enough money to be able to pay doctors to provide you with illegal drugs doesn't necessarily mean it's a smart idea.

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