Michael Jackson Died in Dr. Conrad Murray's Bed

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Michael Jackson spent his final hours in Dr. Conrad Murray's bedroom. In his personal physician's bed, as a matter of fact, investigators are saying.

Law enforcement sources say Jackson did not want people going in and out of his room, so he used Murray's bedroom when he received his IV of Propofol.

Michael Jackson Jr. Birth Certificate

Dr. Conrad Murray administered the powerful anesthesia to Jackson - as he was doing almost nightly - hours before he died, as the singer lay in his bed.

Emergency workers found an IV stand, an empty IV bag and oxygen tanks in Murray's room. Cops found a secret stash of Propofol and other drugs hidden in a closet connected to Murray's room in their searches after Michael passed away.

At some point, Dr. Conrad Murray left the room when Jackson was receiving an IV drip of Propofol and the doctor may have even fallen asleep. Cops believe by the time he woke, Michael Jackson's heart may have already stopped beating.

Dr. Murray was not in Jackson's house during the day. He would show up in the evening and leave in the morning. Law enforcement believes the doc may have regularly gone there at night to administer Propofol via IV so he could sleep.

Law enforcement officials believe that Dr. Conrad Murray may have discovered Michael Jackson around 9 a.m. on June 25 the day of the singer's death.

One theory cops are working on in their massive manslaughter investigation is that after discovering Jackson either in distress or dead, Dr. Murray called two employees in Houston and told them to remove boxes from his storage unit.

Both women - LaQuisha Middleton and her sister, LaQuanda Price - say Dr. Murray did not call them, but police think that's dubious. The stories of these women conflict. One says a box of needles was retrieved; the other, a chair.

As for what may have been in the boxes, law enforcement is investigating whether Dr. Murray had Propofol delivered to his Houston medical office ... possibly put in his storage unit ... and then FedEx'd to Los Angeles as needed.

Dr. Conrad Murray rented the storage unit April 1 and staff went back on four different occasions before Jackson's death. Law enforcement remains on the hunt for evidence of Propofol when they searched Dr. Conrad Murray's home and offices.

According to the search warrants, authorities were looking for, among other things, "records, shipping orders, distribution lists, use records relating to the purchase, transfer, receiving, ordering, delivery and storage of PROPOFOL."

The warrant also stated officials were looking to prove a number of alleged violations, including "prescribing to an addict" and "excessive prescribing."


I just wonder why Mr. Murray's AKA Robert Carter's credentials were never fully examined, considering the severe malpractice before, during and after Michael's death.


Conrad Murray did not fall asleep. He gave Michael Jackson Propofol and then left the premises to meet with a call girl. When he returned, Michael Jackson was already dead. Everything he did afterwards was to cover his tracks, such as turning up the heater in his room to keep the body warm to make it look like he just died; he also called to have boxes removed from storage. That's why nothing about his story nor timeline makes sense. It isn't true. He has lied from the beginning and should be charged with murder, not manslaughter. Geraldine Hughes is author of Redemption: The Truth Behind the Michael Jackson Child Molestation Allegation (2004) book that proves MJ was NEVER a child molester. Avail on Amazon.

@ Geraldine Hughes

Thanks for the insight. People keep forgetting that This whole thing was about " the catalog". They wanted that thing real bad. Probably, if MJ had let it go they would have left him alone.


i think the doctor had to do something in michael jacksons death because the doctor gave michael some kind of phills and i think that the doctor knew that michael jackson was going to die.


I really feel sasabout Micheal's death I am still morning and cannot understand why this all happened. When you look at it this man-Dr Murray is "supposed to be a cardiologist". He is trained to know waht happenes to the heart and what drugs affect it and yet he still gave micheal three different sedatives and an anaesthic. He wonder why Micheal heart stopped beating. This man is mad. Where die he get his cardiology certificate? Outof a conflakes box? I dont care what they say the charge of man slaughter is to light. He was a professional and should have known better.


Michael Jackson was the best and was great at singing and i believe that someone had killed him and i just fell so sick that his gone because i liked listening to songs until that night were he had the public funeral i was crying my eyes out and every time a song of his came on i cried


michael jackson is a king of the POP!!!


So hey how mj was so cute and hot lol


You safe him so much that you love him.


i" sad michael jackson was bad heart that Dr. was bad man. How you take care of michael how because why. i know that Dr. going to jail YES we are im call 911 and keep him alive.that what happen.We love him so much that he was so mad that i want him, and you are safe him.
lol you know like we are i love you and i love him michael jackson is a god.


I agree with Biff. Michael was simply a hard core drug addict, God rest his soul. My theory is, and this is just my opinion, that maybe the drug addictions started with the fire accident, but I believe they developed because of all of his plastic surgeries. Surgeries are painful and recovery time can be long. How many plastic surgeries did he have? I saw a report where a plastic surgeon estimated that he had @ least 25. How many months of recovery is that? Years. And being the "king of pop", and more importantly having way too much money, he got the best of the best meaning he got top of the line drugs, and plenty of them. He was just human.

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