Dr. Conrad Murray Investigated For Manslaughter; Michael Jackson Death Timeline Questioned

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Dr. Conrad Murray is the target of a manslaughter investigation.

In an incredible twist just one month after Michael Jackson's death on June 25, police arrived armed with a search warrant authorizing seizure of documents at a storage locker in Houston belonging to the star's personal physician.

Law enforcement is hunting for "items constituting evidence of the offense of manslaughter that show Dr. Conrad Murray committed said criminal offense."

Bizarre findings in the investigation into Jackson's death have shed new light on the timeline of his passing and Conrad Murray's odd actions around that time.

Authorities believe Jackson died from an overdose of the powerful anesthesia Propofol, and that Murray may have administered it (he has not been charged).

Dr. Murray called 911 at 12:21 p.m. PST, and says he found Jackson in distress a half hour earlier. But Dr. Murray's employees made a trip to a Houston storage facility at 9:22 a.m. PST, raising all sorts of questions about what happened.

The storage facility manager says two women picked up 3-5 boxes and became nervous when the manager began questioning them about why they were there.

Also, authorities are keenly interested in talking to a woman named Stacey Howe who is in some way connected to Dr. Conrad Murray's medical practice.

During this week's Houston DEA raid of his office, federal agents seized two "Yahoo emails from Stacey Howie (sic)." In the raid of Dr. Murray's storage unit, the agents seized "correspondence addressed to Stacey Howe."

Howe is connected to Dr. Conrad Murray's Las Vegas medical practice.

Several items seized at Murray's Houston office where related to "Pamphlets on Sleep Center." The Sleep Center is located near Doctor's Hospital in Houston.

Dr. Murray was suspended from Doctor's Hospital - allegedly for not completing medical records in a timely fashion. All of these revelations, plus incriminating statements Murray himself made, make criminal charges likely.

All in all, it's not looking good.


I wan't to know why this doctor Conrad Murry may only get around 4 years in jail. It is not right at all. Even is Michael Jackson did have a drug problem this doctor is the one who gave him the dose that killed him. And you can't tell me that being a doctor he didn't know that amount would have killed him.When I heard on the tv Dr Murray may only get up to around four years I couldn't believe it. As far as I am concerned the doctor should spend the rest of his life in jail. The fact MJ was murdered for his money is very sad and it is pretty bad someone would do that.And because of what they did his kids will have to grow up without their father all because someone wanted his money. I can't imagine what the family of MJ is going through right now. I feel for them especially his kids who should be growing up with their father.As a fan of Michael Jackson's I am very sad about his death.The whole world lost a very talented a special person.


what about that rumor we are seeing on the internet that the first boy to accuse Michael Jackson of molestation, you remember he testified that he knew of an unusual genital area item on MJ to prove the molestation. the rumor is that after Murrays indictment, the autopsy report will be released and it will say that MJ was a hermaphrodite. Is there any other evidence out there? Did the prosecutor in the case identify later what the unusual physical attribute was?


Michael may have had an addiction in the past but he did not have one present. his autopsy proves that. His organs were in great shape. Drug users organs are usually messed up. This doctor killer killed MJ and nothing else by using a drug to help MJ sleep.


First and foremost, Michael Jackson has had some health problems since his hair caught on fire back in the 80's and that his scalp had to stitched back together. Also, he had terrible insomnia for a long time which is why he took Zoloft, Diprivin and many other drugs. No, he did not have a cocaine problem. just thought I'd clear that up.


I just want to know what is taking so long for charges to be brought against this man. He killed a very famous person and he is still out there. If it were an ordinary person they would have already been arrested but this man is still out there planning life while Michael Jackson family is still mourning and don't have full closure yet. I think for the sake of all the kids, family, friends and fans this needs to be handed quickly but yet correctly. We don't want him out on a technicality of any kind. But thank you to all the law enforcement that is handling this delicate matter.


The LAPD botched it again. The likelyhood of them finding evidence now is nill. Dr. Murray has had ample time to clean his tracks. He overslept after administering Propofel to MJ. At 9am when he came too, MJ was already dead. He cleaned, removed and even tried to impossibly flush evidence from the body in a panick. He had files at his home and at the Houston office destroyed that contained direct evidence. Nothing will be on those hard drives. They've been changed out too. Like usual...too little, too late. The paramedics know there was a empty I.V. stand (meaning no bag attached)in the room. He took three hours to coverup rather than calling medics (with a difibulator) "immediately". He was in it for money to save himself financially and is still putting himself first. The only thing in his favor is it happened in L.A. where the PD is as slow and incompetent as they get. That alone is his saving grace. Devastingly expect him to walk!>>>>.


MJ was an addict.But becouse he was mj the medical professional help hin out by giving him the drugs. All these people should face some charge in his death. They cause ithis man to die.There should never be any reason for anthesia and oxygen tank to be in the house.Bring charge against everyone involve!I think evev the pharmacy should be sued.They should have question this and better yet refuse to give the drugs,Remember when Brittany was in her trouble with drugs.The Police , Judges, family she had ervey kind of intervention was mad for her.Why not for micheal Jackson?


The darkness is closing in & the eyes of the world are upon you. Soon there will be no place safe for you to go...


If Doc. has done this, God strike him dead! People aren't God, they can't take other people's lives in their own hands;they can't take "lives" only He can! Doc. if you're guilty, you will answer, not to man, but to the All Mighty God! You will burn in Hell!!! The truth will prevail! All I know I am missing someone very very close in my life, Michael Jackson. His passing is still "bothering" me; I continue to pray for his family!


There is no doubt that Michael Jackson had incredible talent and was gifted, but he was a drug addict. He made his choices and obviously could not crawl out from under the demon. He had been abusing drugs for many, many years and unlike most addicts had the financial ability to get the best treatment money could buy.
Sure doctor's accomodated him and staff members as well, but, he was the one who put himself in harms way. Like all addicts he would have found a way to get what he needed. Why should he be less accountable for his choices than the common street addict?
For those whose idol worship of him goes over the top they should remember his talent was one thing and his personal life was another. Let the professional investigators do their job. All this ridiculous commentary regarding conspiracy theories takes away from the thing Michael Jackson cared the most about, HIS MUSIC.
May he rest in peace.

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