Michael Jackson Doctor Waited 82 Minutes to Call 911; Lawyer Dismisses "Police Theory"

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82 minutes. That's how much time passed before anyone called 911 after Dr. Conrad Murray discovered that Michael Jackson stopped breathing June 25.

After treating Jackson all night for insomnia with powerful drugs, the pop star's personal physician noticed the singer unresponsive around 11 a.m.

No one called for assistance for nearly an hour and a half.

This and other suspicious behavior is outlined Monday by the LAPD in an unsealed search warrant in what has been ruled a homicide investigation.

Detectives are still determining whether the singer died because of a single doctor or the "grossly negligent treatment of several doctors" over time. But the actions of Dr. Conrad Murray that morning are certainly a focal point.

Murray told police he administered what would be the singer's final dose of Propofol, a hospital-strength anesthetic, around 10:40 a.m. He said he left Jackson's side for two minutes to use the restroom, returning to find him not breathing.

Murray's cell phone records show he made three separate calls totaling 47 minutes beginning at 11:18 a.m., something he did not reveal to investigators.

This suggests Murray was either not paying full attention to Jackson, or was frantically making calls after the discovery that the star had ceased breathing.

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Murray's attorney, Ed Chernoff, said in a statement that while much of the information contained in the affidavit is factual, "much is police theory."

The lawyer disputes the timeline reported by law enforcement, saying it is merely "implied" and Murray "never said he found Jackson at 11:00 a.m."

But the detective's report also alleges Murray never told paramedics or ER staff about Propofol โ€“ lethal amounts of which were found inside Jackson.

Murray said only that he had given the sedative Lorazepam and an antidote. Police say he would not sign the death certificate at UCLA Medical Center.

He could not be reached for nearly a day after. There is no traceable record of any Propofol purchases under Dr. Conrad Murray's medical license.

Moreover, a search of Michael Jackson's home after his death turned up a variety of sedatives and other prescription drugs in multiple vials and bottles โ€“ none of which were labeled as prescribed to any patient by a physician.

Among the burning questions:

  • Has Dr. Murray really come clean with the LAPD?
  • Will (and should) a manslaughter charge be filed against him?
  • Why didn't he call 911 the second Jackson was unresponsive?
  • Why was he on the phone for 47 minutes during that window?
  • Why did he refuse to pronounce Jackson dead at his house, or at UCLA, and then disappear for a day after the singer passed away?

The biggest question of all: whether Murray is just a fall guy in all of this. Is Michael Jackson responsible for his own death?


I can't get over all of this. This doctor had to have killed Michael on intentionally. Maybe a big payoff from someone that knew he was worth way more dead than alive. An employee said that he heard MJ on the phone late that night telling someone he didn't want to go thru with the concerts and maybe they knew the insurance would pay and they just happened to have his rehearsals in full HD. No doctor is going to do what Murray did to treat anyone that they are trying to keep alive and healthy. Then he didn't tell the paramedics that he used propofol so they could give him the antidote. Sounds like he wanted him to die. He may get a year or two but he probably got a huge payoff and will probably do his time at a resort. Michael had been telling people for awhile that someone was trying to kill him. He was too smart of a man to just dream this up. I say inside job. I hope they get the truth so these people can pay. r.i.p. M.J.


we will never ever forget you you will forever be in our hearts
I try to tell these people that blame you for your death that its not your fault. But these people just dont listen just like that stupid doctor!! I have always been your #1 fan ever since I was 2 years old I will always love you even though I never got to be with you. people say your gone but your not,well thats just my opinion they can say what they want. by the way I think your the SEXIEST MAN ON EARTH!! i love you 4ever always, Yours 4ever


let mj finds what he deserves to have!!!!!!!!!!!!;C


"VON VOYAGE" at your long journey,
you made everyone happy..;
giving the best that you could be..,
offering the true meaning of"free"... you've done your part,
i guess that's enough..;
after all these years,
our burdens..you'd bear.. a simple"hi"'
tewnds us to sigh..;
we want to cry,
we don't want to say"GOODBYE".. "KING OF POP",
you put us on top..;
you've opened the door,
totally,you'rwe the"MAN IN THE MIRROR".. thanks a lot..for the opportunity,
we knew the clearance of reality..;
we hope that you would be happy,
whereever you would be.. -mj,on behalf of fans all over the world..,i offer my poem...i love you mj..,hope that you could find true peace and joy,...(/.-)


"VON VOYAGE" at your long journey,
you made everyone happy..;
giving the best that you could be,
offering the true meaning of"free"... you've done your part..,
i guss that's enough..;
after all these years'
our burdens..you'd bear.. a simple"hi",
tends us to sigh..;
we want to cry..,
we don't want to say"GOODBYE".. "KING OF POP",
you put us on top..;
you've opened the door,
totally,you're the"MAN IN THE MIRROR".. thanks a lot..for the opportunity..,
we knew the clearance of reality..;
we hope that you would be happy..'
whereever you would be.... -"mj on behalf of the people around the world who do love you,i dedicate this poem for you..mj i hope you would find the true meaning of peace and joy...(/.-)


Dr.murray is careless...he must be responsible enough making his best for mj's survival....everyone would get mad at him but then..the will isn't w/us..aside from that..mj won't any shame and blame to be done..that's for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!


That quarck doc took the "sunshine"from us. He murdered mj and should be charge with comitting murder, not manslugther.


this doctor is a piece of shit... he screwed up because he had $ for pupils. No one can say its an accident when they have studied doses and disregarded their knowledge of quantities for a few extra bucks.Last time i checked it doesn't take 82 min to dial 3 #'s on the phone... especially with the urgency of someone dying! He aided micheal in his sickness rather than treating him. He should, without a doubt, be charged with manslaughter and have his license pulled for malpractice. r.i.p. michael


i like michael and all but he's dead know there i nothing we can do stop bringing him up over and over let him rest in peace he was never in peace when he was around now that's he is gone just give him a rest .....


The difference in this "Hollywood" drug-case, as i call it, is that while Michael may or may not have been addicted, he was prescribed all these meds, and then had a doctor (?) present to administer them to him. Do you know of any other addict whose doctor administers an overdose? Then leaves the room? This quack killed Michael. No he is trying to cover his tracks. If he doesnt fry for this, something is really wrong with our legal system

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