Michael Jackson Died of Lethal Propofol Injection; Coroner Officially Rules Death a Homicide

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A search warrant affidavit unsealed in Houston and obtained by the L.A. Times today appears to confirm what we have speculated for several weeks now:

Michael Jackson died June 25 after a lethal dose of the anesthesia Propofol.

Also, The Associated Press confirms that the Los Angeles County coroner has ruled Michael Jackson's death a homicide, upping the chances of criminal charges will eventually be filed against the doctor who was with him when he died.

According to the report, Dr. Conrad Murray told police he had been treating Jackson for insomnia, giving him 50 milligrams of Propofol every night via IV. Murray feared the singer was getting addicted and reduced the dosage to 25.

The morning of June 25, Dr. Murray gave the star Valium at 1:30 a.m. Murray said that didn't work, so he gave the singer an IV injection of Lorazepam, an anti-anxiety drug. Jackson was still awake, so Murray then gave him Midazolam, a sedative.

He didn't stop there. At 10:40 a.m., Dr. Conrad Murray administered 25 milligrams of Propofol. Murray told police Jackson repeatedly demanded the drug.

Conrad Murray told police that about 10 minutes after administering the Propofol, he "left Jackson's side to go to the restroom and relieve himself."

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Murray said he was away from Jackson's side for two minutes maximum, not several hours before calling 911 as some investigators have speculated.

Upon his return, Murray noticed that "Jackson was no longer breathing."

Police found eight bottles of Propofol in Jackson's house after he died, but do not know where Murray purchased it. Officials also found and seized Valium, Tamsulosin, Lorazepam, Temazepam, Clonazepam, Trazodone and Tizanidine.

According to the report, the various drugs in Michael Jackson's house had been prescribed to him by Dr. Murray, Dr. Arnold Klein and Dr. Allan Metzger.

Dr. Murray, who refused to sign the star's death certificate at UCLA Medical Center, told police he gave Propofol to Jackson but was not the only one.

He said he was at a Las Vegas cosmetologist's office where Dr. David Adams gave Jackson Propofol. It is unclear if there are other doctors implicated.

Murray is expected to be charged criminally this week or next. Manslaughter or even murder seem likely at this point. Klein may face malpractice charges.


Wow......what could his doctors be thinking. They take an oath to heal not to kill. Michael might have been wrong in his actions concerning different drugs but the doctors were his guiding factor. They are the trained ones and no amount of money should have convinced them to administer so many drugs at such short intervals. Dr. Conrad has no excuse. He killed him and should be punished to the max.
What a waste of talent. He had so many more years to entertain his fans and he will be surely missed.


I tink that maybe MJ was ready to give up on his on life. If we could it will be nice to no if MJ insisted he got the drugs to go to sleep. Who knows maybe he was so addicted to drugs so he can rest he insisted he doctor gave it to him. BUt then again a doctor supposed to know when enough is enough.


The difference in this "Hollywood" drug-case, as i call it, is that while Michael may or may not have been addicted, he was prescribed all these meds, and then had a doctor (?) present to administer them to him. Do you know of any other addict whose doctor administers an overdose? Then leaves the room? This quack killed Michael. No he is trying to cover his tracks. If he doesnt fry for this, something is really wrong with our legal system


My goodness! Bury him already! He was a very messed up person who bares full responsibility for his own death. The leaches around him (including family) are just bottom-feeders who played to his ego for their existence. If they could stuff him and go on tour, I am sure they would since his fans are just as screwed up for admiring this degenerate.


I have said it from day One. This doctor Murray Conrad should be imprisoned He killed Michael. yep, he administered the dose that killed him. how can u keep giving different drugs after the other. I heard the diprivin shouldnt be mixed with other drugs.


All of this is still speculation and rumours. The doctor has not yet been charged of a crime. Let us first wait for the court case(if there is going to be one)before we pass judgement. The doctor is innocent until proven guilty.


Yes, Michael Jackson no doubt had money grubbing, unethical doctors that over medicated/prescribed lethal drugs for him. But Michael had the ultimate responsibility and brought about his own death...he KNEW the potential risks involved and yet continued to abuse a myriad of substances. His doctors, friends and family warned him but he chose to ignore their advice...and subsequently died. His children and fans are the losers in this sad situation.


Cocktail molotov.Better poor than dead


Guess Michael never heard of melatonin. It's legal, it's cheap, it works, and you don't need to hire "doctors" to give you illegal drugs intravenously. Seriously, the celebs need to get a grip. Just because you *can* buy anything you want, doesn't mean it's a smart idea.


What kind of doctor does something like this?? He gave MJ all of these drugs and Propofol, knowing the risks and that it should be administered at a hospital. MJ was the one who wanted the drugs, but for a person who is addicted it's hard to say no. This doc should have been getting him therapy, no instead he decreased his dosage. Lock him up.

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