Meet Samantha Burke. Now Get Lost!

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Samantha Burke, Jude Law's pregnant future baby mama, introduced herself to the world over the weekend, then promptly announced there would be no interviews.

The 24-year-old model told a throng of reporters, "Hi, I'm Samantha Burke." That was that. Her lawyer then read a brief statement asking people for privacy.

Burke is expecting a daughter on October 6. She plans to name it Sophia, and according to reports, Samantha is very excited to be a mom (albeit a single one).

Then again, it's not like Jude Law was a fixture in Samantha's life and then took off. Dude appears to have hit that one or more times, and that's about it.

Here's a video of Samantha Burke's brief "press conference" ...


We should all respect Samantha's privacy...after all, the last thing she wanted to do was go on television and speak to the media and EVERYONE about her personal life situation and expose herself so pubicly...especially after the way she got knocked up by Jude. If I were Jude I would take the DNA test, no telling who she has been with...privately of course.


Well well samantha is a shy one we'll see how long that lasts


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Samantha Burke is an aspiring model from Florida. She is said to be 24 years of age. Samantha Burke got knocked up by Jude Law in early... More »
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