Kristen Stewart is Dazed & Confused by Paparazzi, Attention

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Kristen Stewart doesn't get it.

Sure, she's starring in the biggest movie franchise on the planet.

And, yes, she's dating the best-looking human being alive.

But are those really reasons for such acclaim? In the most recent issue of Great Britain's Dazed & Confused, Stewart expresses consternation over the attention she receives and the way in which she receives it.

"[The Twilight Saga] is the only reason [the paparazzi] there. They find out where I am from the Internet - from Twitter, man! Anyone who wants to know where I am at any given time just has to go on Twitter, it’s so ridiculous," she said.

Kristen Stewart Down Under

As for her career as an actress, Stewart seems almost equally miffed by that line of work, as well. She said:

"You can’t think about it too much because if you think about it too much it is this weird and dreamy fantasy land. You think, 'What the hell absurd thing are we doing at three o’clock in the morning, with 300 people pretending to be other people, what the f-ck are we doing?'"

Jeez, lighten up, Kristen. How do you think this makes our staff feel, considering we make a living writing about the absurd things you're doing at three o'clock in the morning, with 300 people pretending to be other people?


Those pics are okay but they should take some showing her mouth dripping blood now that would be sexy.


Ok I totaly understand that you guys[the paparazzi] need to make money but commmooonnn give her a break she is an awesome person who just wants to do her thing ,work and live her life.She is not fake like some people.I like this site only because you guys are full of @$#%@ and you make me laugh.You got such imaginations and would do anything to make a buck.It's so sad.I don't know how no one goes crazy with all the comments and cameras in their faces.I admire your work and wish all well if you ever read this.You rock girl stay strong.
Ella C.


oh, god, lighten up yourself. She's making light of acting, which if she didn't make light of it, people would say she's self important.


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