Kelly Clarkson Wants Robert Pattinson

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Look out, Kristen Stewart!

While you sneak away to concerts with Robert Pattinson and possibly kiss him on the lips, the original American Idol might be lining up to steal your man.

At a recent performance, Kelly Clarkson had just started to belt out a version of "I Want You" when a fan handed her a cardboard cut-out of the Twilight Saga hunk.

Ever the good sport, Kelly proceeded to serenade Rob... with feeling! She even got down onto the stage with him.

The audio isn't fantastic on the video below, but it's worth viewing just for the reaction of the crowd when Kelly utters the name "Edward Cullen." Complete and utter pandemonium ensues...

Think Kelly has a shot with Robert?


this is scary. im sure it made him feel very awkward to watch this...


lol. obsessed much?


hahah thats great i freakin love her =]


I can't believe it.....


Marissa-how did Kelly use him for publicity???? A fan from the audience gave her the paper cutout. Kelly is a fan of the Twilight book series more than the actor himself. Geez, you still have a chance with him. LOL


That is so cute. What a clever fan to think of the cutout. I love how Kelly played along.


Stop using Rob to get publicity, you should stick to your talent.
Another crazy celebrity that Rob will add to the make sure I am never in a room with: insert name here list.

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