Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Caught (Almost Kissing) on Camera!!!!

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Forget tabloid reports, anonymous sources and cryptic remarks from co-stars.

For the first time in the rumored courtship between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, fans can glimpse this likely couple themselves and determine at just what stage their relationship is at.

On Saturday night, Rob and Kristen joined their Eclipse castmates at a Kings of Leon concert in Canada.

While the music rocked and the audience around them cheered, Pattinson and Stewart either leaned in closely for a conversation - or for an intense game of tonsil hockey!

Which do you think it was? An innocent discussion between friends? Or a precursor to first base and a passion-filled evening between lovers?

Almost First Base

Kristen Stewart is either totally taken with Robert Pattinson, or committed to practicing a scene from Breaking Dawn. [Photo:]

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Totally ABOUT to kiss. Yeah, so it was. Kristen & Robert kiss. It's not the end of the world. Would you die when Bella & Edward have sex in Breaking Dawn? Yeah, you would.


awww. they look so cute together!!!!!!!


okay if they were THAT close to them to catch them "almost kissing" they coodnt they have also taken a picture of them actually kissing? Instead of getting different angles to make it look like their gonna kiss?


They look lovely, I heart both of them.


crazzzzzzzzzzy men gokil abissssssssssss


oh...common dey r ofcourse juz talkin....dey in any way dont look like dey r gonna kiss!!


They are so cute together


Break up or no break up, wat difference does it make? Maybe if they date, it would make the movie more realistic...


Uh-oh. I mean, I'm glad that they're back together, and all, but if they break up, it'll ruin the Twilight movie series all over again. They can act, but if it does happen, it'll destroy their on-screen chemistry. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON'T DON'T DON'T BREAK BREAK BREAK UP UP UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jennie Garth as basically spilt the beans in an interview with NewYork Daily, her husband (Dr Cullen) has let her into a secrer ROB is dating his Twilight co-star, but didnt name which one. Rob wasn rid of Nikki reed a very long time ago, and shes with Paris aint she not. So that leaves Kristen.... from the looks of the latest pics from the Kings Of Leon concert. There more than likely deffinately more than friends!