Katja von Garnier: Driving Brangelina Apart?

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Thanks in part to Katja von Garnier, reports say say Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are spending so much time apart that their relationship is beyond repair.

Star says in its upcoming issue that while Angelina was in Los Angeles late last month caring for their six children, Brad was drinking and flirting like a bachelor - with his former flame Katja! - at the Inglourious Basterds premiere in Berlin.

Adding insult to injury, Angelina - who's been stressed out about the steady decay of their relationship, as they've been fighting a lot - had planned to join Brad over in Germany for the A-list event, but he disinvited her at the last minute.

"Two days before the trip, Brad told her it was best if she didn't come," a source said. “They've been fighting a lot, but this really ripped her heart out."

And Brad's bad-boy behavior - notably flirting with Katja von Garnier, seen above with Pitt back in 1997 and again just a week or so ago - at the July 28 Inglourious Basterds after party didn't help their already troubled situation.

"Angie lost it because Brad started drinking at a photo call hours before the premiere and kept going until 4 a.m.!" says a source close to the couple.

"She tried calling a few times, he didn't pick up - so she kept trying until he answered. She was nagging him so much that Brad finally shut his phone off."

Has Brad's partying with Katja von Garnier, a brunette German director and his one-time gal pal, been taking a toll on their six kids? Is any of this true or is it nothing but juicy celebrity gossip invented to sell magazines? Thoughts?

BROKEN HOME: Is Brad's drinking driving Angelina away?


Well, after trying to turn the Native Americans into... Jews, and naturally failing miserably, maybe they should all go back to Germany and chill-out.


Complete rubbish. Look at ANY photo of Brad and Angie together and they are glowing.


Ho-hum, another day of cr*p from the yellow rag "Star" magazine.
I couldn't possibly care less about either Pitt or Jolie, or scum-sucking greedy media outlets.


I agree with Me above. I have been hearing all sorts of "break up" reports over the last year and they are still together. These magazines are so pathetic. It's this type of journalism that makes me feel sorry for celebrities.


Star is full of crap again, whenever it comes to Brad and Angelina the tabloids will say whatever lies they can come up with and there are enough haters out there to believe it. I check to see what line of bs they are trying out now. Too bad they don't have the inside scoup, only Brad and Angelina know where they stand. Doesn't matter what the world thinks!!

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