Happy Birthday, Roger Clemens & Barack Obama!

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Today's celebrity birthdays are no strangers to criticism.

One has been called a lying, cheating disgrace. The other a neophyte, liberal socialist. When you're on top, the haters will say anything to cut you down!

One is fired up and ready to go. The other juiced up and ready to go ... to the Hall of Shame. Yes, it's the current Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces, Barack Obama (48), and disgraced MLB pitching legend Roger Clemens (47)!

In honor of this 4th day of August, here's a little photo tribute to the middle-aged birthday boys. Click to enlarge these images of the HGH-fueled Rocket ...

Debbie and Roger Clemens Picture
Debra Clemens

... and the 44th president of the United States of America ...

Barack Pic

happy birthday to BARACK OBAMA,ever since i sent him an email asking him to come sort out uk as GORDON BROWN has lost the plot,i get weekly emails from him-the white house.
i would rather have Barack looking after me then the useless 3 governments here in uk,about time someone put the people 1st,Bush was greedy selfish arrogant like Gordon Brown he illegally got in as president of usa,as has Gordon Brown-well we the people arent putting up with this anymore,
so let Barack do his job,hes doing better then our useless prime minister,incase you ask yes brown knows exactly what i think of him as i have his email address-fax no?
without prejudice,
11/9/09 4.32am uk


Happy birthday!
The age of 48 was good to American presidents:

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