Amy Winehouse, Blake Fielder-Civil Flirt on Facebook

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Amy Winehouse is quite the cat's meow on Facebook, at least according to Blake Fielder-Civil. Wait until you hear why we chose that particular expression.

According to multiple British celebrity gossip tabloids, the "Rehab" crooner has been chatting away ... under her cat Shirley's social networking profile.

Shirley's #1 "friend" is none other than Wino's ex, Blake Fielder-Civil.

The two were granted a provisional divorce last month following their tumultuous two-year union. Their legal divorce is set to be finalized on August 28.

Amy has been on "vacation" from December-August in St. Lucia, while Blake Fielder-Civil has been cleaning up in rehab. We've heard that before.

Miss Winehouse
Mr. Fielder-Civil

Amy and Blake have reconnected on Facebook, however, thanks to Shirley.

According to reports, Shirley has posted several status updates, including one in which she says she loves "Sailor," a known nickname Amy has for her ex.

Blake, who has been relentlessly trashing Wino in the tabloids lately, has an evolving relationship status on his profile, starting with the "single" declaration when he first joined, followed by "it's complicated," and now "married." Obviously.

If there were any doubt that there's somethin' a brewin' between the former lovers and spouses, all you have to do is see Shirley's latest "purr" to Blake:

"Sailor, sort it you're her co-hort. consort still. as you both know you're unswerving. just as much as you're deserving."

Couldn't have said it better ourselves.


And fyi 'lizz' he aint lookin like that no more so shut that trap hole of yours you call a mouth .


look ff sake do u not think they have been through enough i mean i no blake and he is a nice guy and they are both human they make mistakes and dont you think they deserve chance to amend there wrong doings and yes they took drugs and yes what they did was wrong but dont you think they deserve another chance they human they make kistakes and im not sayin what they did was ok but thye are getting there lives back on track and thats should be good enough for anyone and most people who write this s**t dont no him and they should get to know him he is a nice guy and those people who wrote this should be ashamed of themselves and yes there talking on fb but you lot are the type thats ruining it for them arnt you every1 makes mistakes just please remember that


Whats up with his face? Ew.

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