Adam Lambert: Hard at Work on "Eclectic" Album

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Just hours after Kris Allen revealed the release date for his debut album, the man he defeated on American Idol is speaking out about his upcoming CD.

Adam Lambert told People that it's been challenging to put songs together this summer, as he's toured the country for weeks with fellow finalists.

"We’re still gathering material and we’re scheduling more recording sessions for when [the tour is] over, so we’re about halfway done," the talented singer said.

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Unsurprising to anyone that watched him dominate Idol, Lambert says the album will be “quite eclectic.”

“There are songs on there that are anthems; there are song that make you want to dance; there are songs that make you feel sexy; there are songs that touch you, hopefully, with more emotional, insightful, deeper lyrics. There are songs that are more in the line with a rock sound. There are some that are really pop-oriented... It's just going to be fun."

We have no doubt. Will you purchase Adam Lambert's debut album?


Absolutely! I want him to get the success that he deserves.


I m going to buy the first dozend!!!!


Yes!!!!!! rhis is the most talented man in music I have seen since Elvis and Michael....I certainly will and so will my family buy his CD...Pronto as soon as it comes out.


He is fantastic!!!! He is such a talent! I can't wait for his album


you bet I will. the sooner the better. I purchased and downloaded all his AI performances -- both videos and audios.

Avatar waiting with baited breath! It will be a birthday present actually ;)


I would buy anything with his name on it bc I know it will be magic!


ofcourse! im not sure how much longer i can wait! :)


Without hessitation.....YES! I am on pins and needles WAITING for it!


definately, I can't wait!


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