Who Should Be the Next Bachelor?

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Now that Ed Swiderski and Jillian Harris are together, and the dust has settled after the memorable season of The Bachelorette that ended in their engagement, speculation is already swirling over who will be the next star of The Bachelor.

There's certainly no shortage of options. Here's a look at the resumes of the top two candidates (plus a bunch of others who would make for entertaining stars).

Tell us who you want to be the next Bachelor in the poll below!

  • Kiptyn Locke. He's Mr. Perfect, and was rumored to be The Bachelor heir apparent for weeks. We were surprised Kiptyn Locke wasn't announced last night, but perhaps it is only a matter of time for the Cali hunk.
  • Reid Rosenthal. Talk about finishing strong. Never considered a contender at the onset, Reid Rosenthal won over America on his last few dates and with a surprise return - and heartfelt proposal to Jillian - on the finale.
The Final Three

Ed won Jillian's affection, but Kiptyn and Reid also captured America's heart.

  • Wes Hayden. Sure, he was the most hated man in Bachelorette history. But a good part of that was ABC sabotaging him, and c'mon, you know you'd watch.
  • Jake Pavelka. May have hurt his chances with the whole charade of coming back and throwing Wes under the bus. But Jake's good-looking and sweet!
  • Michael Stagliano. Jillian's choice, for the identical twin potential.
  • Tanner Pope. Daddy can suck a mean foot. His words, not ours.

Well? Who should be the next Bachelor?


  • Michael Stagliano Picture
  • Tanner Pope
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My boyfriend thinks you should make Wes Hayden the next Bachelor.


Jake , cute
Reid , not cute
Kipton , parents liked him best and she shoulda listened
Wes , f****n c**t
Gillian , should be blonde


I absolutely think Jake should be the next bachelor as he warned Gillian about Wes. What a snake!!!
Jake is a real gentleman


i think kypton is a great an good looking guy he deserved to win but even though i think he should of won ed is a really great guy for jillian watever makes her happy will be fine wit me i hope everything works out wit getting married an having a family :) love ur friend mckenzie holbrooks


First I would like to say this...if Wes thinks he has boosted his career by coming across as a joke on the show, good luck to him. His talent was minimal and after such a demonstration of ignorance on the show, no one I have talked to would never think about showing him any support.
I have watched every single episode of The Bachelor and Bachelorette and I must say, I don't like them bringing people back...I think to keep things fair, If they leave or are sent home it should stay that way. Kypton is HOT!!! Tanner the Toe man..too funny!!!


I think Kiptyn deserves to be the next bachelor. He's the perfect package. He's rich (have you seen his hometown visit? he's house is a MANSION!) he's successful, he's charming and most importantly, he's very good looking! I cried when he wasn't chosen, but I was happy at the same time because I have a super huge crush on him! and no offense to Jilian, but I think Kip is waaaay to good for her. They wouldn't work out. Kip is the laid-back, relax, kind of guy and Jilian is always going overboard with her enthusiam! not to mention Jilian definitely need some serious boob job and some madd nose job!!!


What a stupid show. What an inane concept.


MiCHAEL JACKSON NEVERR SEEN DOCUMENTARY!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v... MUST SEE!


kiptyn should be the next bachelor because he has class, good looking, and has a really goo job
Love you kiptyn